South Korea Closes Schools Shortly After They Reopened Due to a New COVID-19 Wave

If you’re wondering whether Singapore is being “overly cautious” in the lifting of the Circuit Breaker, it seems like they have a good reason for doing so.

Previously, Hokkaido did a great job with containing Covid-19 but things went wrong when they reopened.

And now, South Korea is in a crisis too.

Previously praised for their handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, the country is now facing a second possible outbreak.

Schools Close Again After Reopening

On 27 May, thousands of students returned to schools once again as South Korea eases restrictions.

And a day later, 79 new Covid-19 cases were reported, their highest number in two months.

A total of 251 schools in Bucheon were made to close again, while 117 schools in Seoul and 182 in Gumi postponed their reopening.

Meanwhile, South Korean parents are worried about their children having to go to school during the outbreak and are urging the government to postpone the reopening of schools.

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Spike In Covid-19 Cases Mostly Linked To Warehouse In Bucheon

According to BBC, most of the 79 new cases were linked to a warehouse in Bucheon, operated by South Korea’s largest e-commerce firm, Coupang.

One student, whose mother works in the warehouse, was found to have the virus.

South Korea officials said that the warehouse did not strictly adhere to infection control centres.

Traces of Covid-19 were even detected on the workers’ shoes and clothes.

Currently, South Korea is testing thousands of people from the facility and there is a possibility that the country will continue to see a rise in Covid-19 cases.

As of 29 May, 12pm, 102 Covid-19 cases are linked to the warehouse.

Meanwhile, 266 cases are now linked to Itaewon clubs and bars.

Health authorities have opted to impose a “tighter social distancing campaign” in Seoul and the surrounding areas for two weeks until 14 June.

South Korea now has 11,441 Covid-19 cases reported, according to the interactive map by John Hopkins, and has a death toll of 269.

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