SPCA Shared Story of How They Nursed Cat Back to Health That Was Injured Due to Hit & Run

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Cats and dogs have always been our furry friends.

Unfortunately, while most of us can’t bear to hurt them, incidents do occur where these animals get harmed and no one cares.

Thankfully, that’s where many animal shelters and volunteers come into play.

A Hit-&-Run

Close to two months ago, Do-hwan, a tuxedo cat, was brought to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (SPCA) clinic after a passer-by spotted him bleeding near the road.

Through investigation, the vets at SPCA believed that a vehicle had hit him, causing him to have a prolapsed left eye and a fractured jaw.

He couldn’t eat by himself and he couldn’t swallow anything that was fed to him via a syringe. As such, the vets had no choice but to insert a feeding tube into him so that he would receive all the nutrients that he needed.

The vets also removed his entire left eye.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

They did multiple X-rays on him and found that the reason why he couldn’t eat properly was because of the fractured jaw that limited his jaw motion.

Unsure of how to best treat him, the vets sought the advice of a specialist, who told them that it was probably best that Do-hwan did rehabilitative jaw exercises instead of surgery first.

Worried About His Health

SPCA’s clinic manager, Khash, was concerned that Do-hwan wouldn’t do very well if he was left alone to care for himself in the clinic ward, so he decided to take Do-hwan home and nurse him back to health himself.

Image: Giphy

Thankfully, after 1.5 months of love and care, as well as daily jaw exercises that were facilitated by Khash, Do-hwan no longer needed a feeding tube. In fact, he was doing so well that he would ask for food.

Making A Recovery

Do-hwan is gradually doing better, and according to Khash, he is very affectionate towards other cats.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

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However, he still has his guard up when humans approach him.

That wouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that he could have had trauma from being injured by humans previously.

SPCA believes that Do-hwan will be able to make a full recovery soon and he will be returned to his regular community caregiver.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

Netizens React

After SPCA shared Do-hwan’s story on Facebook, many netizens wished Do-hwan a speedy recovery and also expressed their thanks for SPCA.

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Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)


Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

One netizen also expressed that it would perhaps be better if Do-hwan was put up for adoption instead of letting him back onto the streets because he could be used to being indoors.

Image: Facebook (SPCA Singapore)

It is unclear as to whether SPCA will consider this as an option but I guess we’ll see after Do-hwan recovers fully.


If you would like to help out these animals, choose to adopt instead of buying directly from a breeder. But of course, remember that being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, so commit only after you’ve thought carefully.

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