SPF’s Latest FB Posts Are So Hilarious, They Won the Internet

Singapore Police Force, well, they don’t need any introduction, keeping our nation safe as we fall asleep soundly.

In a way, they are Singapore’s unsung heroes, coz’ most people would be intimidated when they see a blue uniform walking past them, even if we didn’t commit any crime.

I mean, how many of you have smiled or said hi to them—I will just look down at the pavement while Chasing Pavements by Adele plays on my phone.

(But actually, they’re really great and friendly people ‘coz we’ve worked with them before)

In an attempt to appeal to the younger generation aka millennials, they have posted two pictures on their FB page.

And by pictures, I mean memes.

If you don’t know what a meme is, then I am sorry to hear about it.


Whenever it is the holiday season, crime rates shoot up.

The criminals might be working hard but SPF is working harder.

So in an attempt to break their steely persona, they posted this meme on 10 Feb which garnered more than 900 shares:

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

Depicting four pictures—ear, nose, teeth and nails—the text read, pick anything but pockets.

SPF has no problems if you want to pick your nose as long as your fingers don’t pick other people’s wallets.

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And netizens were tickled by it, obviously, as they left a slew of positive/funny comments.

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook
Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

…and SPF’s replied to one of the comments and they were smooth as butter on a hot pan.

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

Ha, SPF. Remember this?

The next meme depicts a policeman chasing a perp who stole abalone coz you know, it is super popular during CNY.

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

This time, they upped the ante by having a play with words as the text read: “Stealing abalone? You’ll end ab-alone in prison.”

Garnering over 1000 shares and comments, netizens were digging the memes.

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

But there will also be haters, such is life.

Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook
Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook
Image: Singapore Police Force Facebook

While it’s all fun and games, they did emphasise that stealing is a serious offence.

You can look up to 7 years in prison and/or fine for shop theft and 3 years and/or with fine for theft.

I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a good move if they wanted to reach out to the younger generations.

After all…well, remember these videos that we worked with them for?

With that said, I am eagerly waiting for the next meme!

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Featured image: Singapore Police Force Facebook