A Few S’pore Actors Cameoed in Netflix K-Drama Little Women

If you have been keeping up to date on the latest K-dramas to watch, Little Women is probably on your list.

The very famous on-going series stars Kim Go-eun, who was the female lead for Goblin and Wi Ha-joon, the police detective in Squid Game.

Other than the two actors mentioned, what really caught the attention of Singaporeans is that the series was partially filmed in Singapore and best of all, there were a few local actors who cameoed in it.

Singaporean Actors Spotted in K-drama

If you were to watch the film closely and not at 2x speed, you can easily spot actors Adrian Pang and Joshua Tan in episode eight of the series.

Image: Screenshot from Netflix

Adrian Pang stars as a hotel manager in the show, while Joshua Tan, who is famous for his role in Ah Boys to Man, acts as a hotel receptionist.

Image: Screenshot from Netflix

Another notable actress is Bridget Fernandez who starred in Tanglin and acts as a hotel staff member in this series.

The hotel that was used in this scene is presumably Fullerton Hotel, as evident by the background and the photos hanging around the set.

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What is Little Women About?

Just like any K-drama, Little Women is a drama with lots of twists and turns.

It is about three sisters, who get tangled up in a lawsuit that leads them to go against the richest and most influential family in South Korea.

According to Soompi, Little Women is so popular among South Koreans that it hit an all-time high in viewership for its eighth episode.

The K-Drama even scored an average nationwide rating of 8.7 per cent, taking the first place in its timeslots across all cable channels in South Korea.

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Featured Image: Screenshots from Netflix