Jeannette Aw’s Bakery is Doing So Well, She’s Expanding to Japan


When we think about local celebrities who have taken a break from being in the limelight to pursue other ventures, Jeanette Aw’s probably a name that comes to mind.

In May 2021, the well-established actress launched Once Upon A Time, her bakery that has since attracted the interest of many dessert lovers and fans of hers.

And it seems like Aw, 43, is ready to take this business of hers overseas, as seen from her various updates regarding her newest business venture.


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In the caption of her latest Instagram post, Aw revealed that she is looking to expand her business to Japan, and that her most recent trip was mainly to work on that.

In addition to that, she also sat down with Shin Min Daily News recently to talk more about her decision.

Looking to Set Up Shop in Takasaki

As for where exactly Aw intends to open up a bakery, she shared that she is intending to open a store in Takasaki, a city located in the east of the Kanto region.

And it’s not hard to see why she’s chosen the city—apart from her business ventures, she has also been Takasaki’s publicity ambassador for the past four years.

Describing how the city has shown her an indescribable amount of attention and love, she said that Takasaki also treats her like one of their own and that she is extremely excited to continue her partnership with the city.

Inspiration and Other Plans for Japan Store

When asked about what inspired her to expand her business, she explained that she started preparing for her Japan store nine months ago after her Japanese friends encouraged her to do so.

In addition to that, she will not be giving herself a “time limit” of any kind and will leave it up to fate.

She also highlighted that she personally designs and invents every single product that she sells, and that she has rather high standards for her product.

As for her business partners, she revealed that she currently has two Japanese business partners. One of them is well-known designer Naornori Yago who will be handling the branding and packaging design.

Aw added that the desserts sold in her Japan store will be different from the ones sold in Singapore, and that she hopes to invent new products and sell them on a monthly basis.

Competition Will be Stiff, But Aw Not Worried

Regarding how competitive the pâtisserie industry is in Japan (Chateraise, anyone?), she admitted that there is “a lot” of competition within the industry.

However, she explained that she will not compare herself with others and will focus on finding her own style.


Aw also said that it is most important for her to “do what she is supposed to” well.

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Acting to Take a Backseat for Now

For her longtime fans, some might be curious if Aw will return to our television screens in the near future.

But it seems like that won’t be happening anytime soon, for Aw responded by saying that she will be concentrating on setting up her store in Japan for now.

She also said that she enjoys venturing out of the city and finding inspiration from the places that she travels to.

As for what she finds the most satisfying between acting, directing and running her own business, Aw said that she enjoys any sort of work that allows her to unleash her creativity.


She also shared that she has begun drawing again lately, and that picking up her drawing instruments after a long time away from them has been satisfying for her as well.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@jeanetteaw) + Shin Min Daily News (Provided by Interviewee)