S’pore Best-est Ah Lian FB-Live Seller’s Latest Video Uses ‘Seaweed’ & ‘Sandwich’ To Explain Dress Length


Back in the 90s, we had home-shopping channels where hosts explain about their products to viewers. You know, the “But wait! Call now and you’ll get not one, but two free gifts…”

Fast forward to today and you’d notice that something similar to home-shopping infomercials on Facebook.

Yup, we’re talking about Facebook live video auctions where a model or a host will explain the products to viewers.

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Typically, most of the videos are so dry you’d only turn up for the chiobus modelling the clothes.

But not at MisshopperBoutique, though.

S’pore FB-Live Seller Goes Viral on FB For All The Right Reasons

Buying stuff online might be convenient but you have the risk of getting pants that are too tight, dresses that are too short and more.

This FB live-seller doesn’t want that anything like that to happen to her customers, which is why she painstakingly explained about the dress she’s selling. In a hilarious manner.

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Image: giphy.com

She went viral when Facebook user Andrew Kit recorded her live video and posted it online.

She asked customers above 162 cm not to buy the dress because “your chances of giving people to see your kacheng neng teh bah (backside) is very high, 80% high, so please consider if you’re 162, or 160 and above.”

And when they walk, they cannot “open big big”, or “your luncheon meat, your seaweek all come out give people see”.

Here, you can watch the whole video for yourself here:


Here’s a transcript of the video:

155 and 156 cm. It is already here. *Signals skirt length*

ok ah, last time ah, if you’re 162 cm please consider, because, 160 cm it will be like this, shorter, shorter, 162, it will be shor…, more shorter, your chances of giving people to see your kacheng neng teh bah (backside) is very high, 80% high, so please consider if you’re 162, or 160 and above.

Those old mother goose, please listen the carefully, it will be this short, and then you walk, you cannot open the big big already.

You must close and tight ok? 关住才走(close and walk), ok bo?

If not your luncheon meat, your seaweed all come out give people see.

Like the bargirl or the nightclub lady, ok?

Last time already, ok bo?

$16, why $16 I must say so many time *sighs* wait ah, wait ah, wait ah, wait ah, wait ah, I give the code first.

Why ah, why ah? You all eh hiao bo (you all understand or not?) Now you bid, tomorrow you cannot cancel already [Interrupted]


Well, guess Premium Lian has a competitor liao.

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This Isn’t The First Time She Goes Viral For Her Sales Talk

Previously, she was selling the “S-hook” shirt. She took the lace off the top and told her customers a “hack” with the shirt.

Get a S-hook. And if you go market, even if you don’t have hands, never mind.

Buy 6 s-hooks and hook them to the shirt instead.


According to her, you can hook umbrellas

Image: Joanne Ng Facebook Page

Chicken rice or kuay chap.

Image: Joanne Ng Facebook Page

Or even a rotan if you have naughty kids you need to discipline.

Image: Joanne Ng Facebook Page

Powderful lah.

You can watch the full video for yourself below:



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