S’pore Celebrity Belinda Lee Married Amercian Whom She Wanted to Marry After Meeting Him Twice


Do you believe love at first sight exists?

CynicalWiseOldMan: Pshh, please, that only happens in movies.

Oh yeah? It reportedly happened to Belinda lee.

CynicalWiseOldMan: Wait, she’s in a movie?!

In real life.

CynicalWiseOldMan: Ohh, this I’ve got to hear.

Now, no matter whether you believe in love at first sight or not (no, Lava toasts doesn’t count), Belinda Lee, a Singaporean actress seems to have (accidentally?) exemplified it.


So much so that she’s willing to get married after meeting a man twice.

CynicalWiseOldMan: Wait, that’s second sight.

Belinda Lee To Marry American After Meeting Him Twice

On 29 Oct 2019, 42-year-old Belinda Lee officially announces that she’s off the market.

Image: 8Days

She had gotten married to an American architect based in Singapore, David Moore on 27 Oct 2019.


She had a small, private ceremony with a small number of guests, including Felicia Chin, Xiang Yun, Rebecca Lim, Paige Chua and Chew Chor Meng.

How It All Started

They first met each other at a church camp in the middle of 2018.

Starting out as friends, they got together months later.

She had never met his family before the wedding but said they knew all about her because she had gifted them with her book, Larger Than Life.

Oh, yes. I also didn’t know she’s an author, too.

A Gentleman Through And Through

Her husband proposed to her in March 2019.

They were friends, then best friends, then decided to just marry their best friend because “that’s what you do”.

Before he proposed to her, he asked her father out for a dinner and officially asked for his permission before proposing to her.

He said no- Okay, I’m kidding. How would the wedding happen if he said no.

Her dad said yes.


They Only Met Twice & Love is in The Air

Now, you’re wondering, isn’t one and a half years a little bit…rushed?

Not to Belinda Lee.

Her gut feeling was telling her that he’s the one. In fact, she only met him twice as friends before deciding to make him hers for the rest of their lives.

And the rest, as you know, is history.

Whelp, with that, all that needs to be said is, Congratulations, Belinda Lee and David Moore. 

Maybe, just maybe, we should trust our guts and go ahead bravely in relationship matters instead of complicating things?


Brb, let me share this to my dream girl-

DreamGirl99: Well, I’m trusting my gut feelings. I hate your guts.

Oh. Okay.

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