This S’pore Chinese Essay Assignment Has Gotten Viral Even After 1 Year, & It’s for a Super Good Reason

Think your Chinese essay was incomprehensible?

Wait until you see this.

On 18 October 2016, Facebook user Jewell Meows posted a picture of a Chinese email essay on the social media site.

Image: Jewell Meows Facebook Page
Image: Jewell Meows

The post gained instant traction, garnering over 2.1K likes and reactions, as well as 4.8K shares.

Image: Jewell Meows Facebook Page

For non-Chinese readers, here’s a direct translation (take note that I surmised what she was trying to say and phrased it as such because I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean to say ‘You fat me’):

Sender: Wang Jia Hua ([email protected])

Receiver: Zhang Hai Yun ([email protected])

Date: 5 October 2016

Subject: Reply: Views on frequently being late for school

Hai Yun:

Hi! I’m fine, I’m pretty. You?

Today, I ate rice. It was very tasty. Tomorrow, I also want to eat rice because it’s very tasty. Eating rice is my interest.

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In class, my mother’s school is very big! Day after day, I want to eat tasty rice, because my mother cooked the rice.

Shopping mall has rice, has meat, has people, I like.

Singapore has got tasty water, I love Singapore. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but, you’re my friend.

Sorry for my bad Chinese, you can accompany me, and say, you’re welcome. Very happy! I want an egg, can eat on my rice. Tasty.

I happened upon eggs that weren’t tasty before, I want to sleep because my heart hurts. Do you know? Cannot.

I speak English and “Tagalog”, not Chinese. Sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying. I’m not a nice person I cry.

Thank you, you’re very nice. I’m happy. Don’t cry. I love you.

End of translation.

You know; while I was translating it, I couldn’t help but wonder what the teacher’s expression looked like.

Here’s a wild guess:

Image: Miles Garn Twitter


Incredibly, the post is still generating attention one year later, with an influx of comments over the past 24 hours.

Image: Jewell Meows Facebook Page

And the comment below pretty much sums up 90% of the comment section.

Image: Jewell Meows Facebook Page


Honestly, my Chinese isn’t the best.

My written Chinese might be alright, but when I try to speak it, it sounds like a Zombie rapping one of Eminem’s songs. Hard to picture? Yeah, that’s the point.

This essay, however, takes things to a whole new level.

Image: Imgflip

But I gotta admit; all that mention of food got me famished.

Tasty rice, anyone?

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Featured image: Facebook (Jewell Meows)