S’pore Couple Has a McDonald’s Gatecrash, Upped the Game for Wedding


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 12:41 pm

Wedding gatecrashing ideas are getting so creative, we’ve seen Power Rangers, Superheroes and even PAP members. And wedding photos are getting so creative that we’ve got a Diablo III inspired wedding album.

But this couple, Guan You and Joanna, has taken it to a whole new level.

The groom and his brothers has decided to up the game by asking for the bride’s hand…through McDonald’s.

And no, they’re not buying a McDonald’s meal in return for her hand. They’ve just done this.

Image: Vimeo (unique colours)

The groom? Obvious Ronald McDonald himself (in a BMW).

Image: Vimeo (unique colours)

It started with a McDelivery (an obvious fake one because that’s not a McDelivery uniform) that seemed to contain ang baos (Guan You, you the man!).

Image: Vimeo (unique colours)

And in case you’re wondering whether the sisters have worn something interesting…well, no. Because it’s always the guys who must make the girls laugh.

Image: Vimeo (unique colours)

It’s just a pity that the wedding dinner isn’t McDonald’s. #justsaying

Here’s the video in full.

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Featured Image: Vimeo (unique colours)

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