S’pore Flyer Still Grounded: Past Delay Lasted for a Month


My colleague, Zhi Hao, who is on leave today(Please come back soon, we really miss you) wrote an article about the temporary closure of The Singapore Flyer a couple of days back.

Ever since then, there has been an update to the story. And no—you still won’t be getting onto the Flyer these couple of days. (Sorry, my tourist friends)

Although it’s unclear as to when the ride will reopen, a tour agency has allegedly been told that the Flyer will only reopen after Wednesday.

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Straco Leisure, the company which owns the Singapore Flyer, says that a probe is ongoing and updates will be made available through the attraction’s online channels.

If you’re one of those affected by the closure, fret not.

Straco Leisure’s director of marketing and sales, Miss Veronique Ye, said that the attraction will be suspended until “investigations are complete and till we are given the go-ahead by the relevant authorities”.

“Affected customers and partners were informed about the closure and we are making necessary arrangement for them.”

According to City Tours, they will also refund their customers the full price for the Singapore Flyer tickets.

“Of course we will refund customers, as it is not their fault.” said one of their employees.

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Anyway, this is not the first(hopefully it’ll be the last) time that the Singapore Flyer has been suspended. Back in 2008, the Singapore Flyer was shut down for about one month after a fire broke out in the wheel control room.

173 passengers were stuck for approximately 6 hours—not an ideal holiday experience if you ask me.


Then in 2010, after lightning struck an electrical cable, the Singapore Flyer was also shut down and around 200 people were evacuated afterwards. However, the Singapore Flyer was again operational two days later.

Truth be told, I have yet to ride the Singapore Flyer. I guess it’s things which are readily accessible like this that we tend to take for granted.

…Maybe I shouldn’t wait until it’s too late, huh.

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