S’pore Kindness Movement’s Video on SG Cleaning Aunty Creates Debate About Tray Return Culture

What do you think about the tray returning culture in Singapore?

Do you return the tray whenever you finish your meal?

Or do you eat, get up and just walk off, leaving the cleaner to clear your tray?

Hold onto your answer, stick it at the back of your head and watch the video below first.

Singapore Kindness Movement had posted the video – a collaboration with Foodfare – on their Facebook page, and it’s garnered over 130K views, 984 likes and reactions, as well as 751 shares.

Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page

In the video, Mdm Tan Huan Ah talks about her daily routine, before going into the tray returning culture in Singapore. She explains that while some paying customers think that clearing the trays would get the cleaners out of a job, that’s not always the case.

Even if there were no trays to clear, there was still the floor to mop, and tables to clean. By clearing the trays, the cleaners’ workload would be lightened and they can breathe a little easier.

Mdm Tan added that there were some young people that helped to clear the trays, and even asked her whether she’s eaten.

But she doesn’t expect everything to be done for her either. As she said in the video, she feels good when people thank her for the help provided.

What can be implied?

Cleaners would have an easier time if everyone took the initiative to return their trays after eating.

The question: should everyone make an effort to clear their trays?

Netizens had their say, and the debate’s pretty… well you judge for yourself.

These are just a few of the many that agreed with what she had to say.

Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page

But there were ones who think that it shouldn’t be a should, but a willing to.

Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page
Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page

Should it be deemed necessary to clear your tray after eating?

Personally, I feel that it shouldn’t ever be a necessary gesture. While it’s definitely a kind notion that helps the cleaners out, it should be from your own will and kindness, and not because you’re forced by society to do it.

Let’s create an example. I’m required to write a certain number of articles to earn my keep. Every day I get brain-dead from writing just a few, and I sure could appreciate some help.

Now, I can’t expect my fellow in-house writers to clear my quota for me, right? Yeah it would be kind, but in the end it’s my own job, my own responsibility. If he or she’s had a really good day and decides to help me out, sure why not? But if he or she’s expected to help me just because their own quota is met and I’m still struggling, it isn’t exactly fair for them.

It’s the same mindset really. Of course, I would more often than not clear my own tray, but I wouldn’t want it to be compulsory. It should be out of your own will. You want to do it, not must do it.

What about you? Do you agree with what I said? Or do you think that everyone should clear their own tray?

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Featured Image: Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook Page