S’pore Man Holds Sign Board At Bras Basah Saying: ‘Looking For A Wife, Back Must Be Pretty’

Image: Singapore Uncensored

Step aside, Coffee meets Bagel. Get a move on, OkCupid. And for the last time, f*ck off Tinder. There’s a new hot dating option in town, and this one’s not even technological.

It’s on a classic physical platform; just the way dating used to be.

Image: Giphy

Now I bet you’re wondering.

What’s this ultra-unconventional way of dating? Is it worth it? Does such a dating option even exist in real life? 

And in response, I offer the following headline:

S’pore Man Holds Sign Board At Bras Basah Saying: ‘Looking For A Wife, Back Must Be Pretty’

Technology? Pfft, old-school will always work best.

S’pore Man Holds Sign Board At Bras Basah Saying: ‘Looking For A Wife, Back Must Be Pretty’

What do you look for in a significant other? Values? Personality? Visuals? No matter what it is, everyone undoubtedly has a particular criteria in mind when opting for a life partner, and this Singaporean man’s no different. But the only difference here?

He’s going about it in a rather unconventional way.

Image: Singapore Uncensored

According to Singapore Uncensored, a man was seen carrying a signboard which sported a really direct, heartfelt request. Lest you can’t load the image for some inexplicable, life-threatening reason, here’s a transcript of what the text reads:


And for all the Chi~nese people out there, the text reads as follows:

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“心里话,老实人,需要老婆,不管年龄, 样貌,种族,都可以, 不过, 后面要美, 会疼你像宝宝。”

To put it in even simpler terms, this self-proclaimed honest man is looking for a wife, and she can be of any age, look, and race. However, her back will have to be nice-looking (no idea whether he’s talking about a general back view, or the two peaches).

Should she satisfy his criteria, he thereby makes a promise, to pamper her like a baby.

Someone’s openly advertising to be a daddy, it seems.

Bras Basah Road

For those living near Bras Basah Road, you’ll either be immensely proud or questionably hesitant to know that the aforementioned man advertised his plea right there. At Bras Basah Road. Indeed, a keen-eyed Netizen had spotted the act and swiftly took the picture. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Image: singaporeuncensored.com

Incidentally, the man even left his contact details on his signboard, though for the sake of his privacy it seems that Singapore Uncensored has censored the details. Well, that sounds rather ironic.

Nevertheless, they might have a valid reason for doing so, as they’ve expressed hopes that “he does not become a potential target of scammers”.

Nevertheless, if you think you have what it takes to be an honest man’s wife, nice peaches and whatnot, you can always head down to Bras Basah Road for an unofficial audition. No guarantee whether you’ll succeed or not, but if the terms and conditions indeed ring true.

You might just be set for a good life ahead. 😉

Note: By treating you like a baby, we hope that it’s meant in a non-literal manner.