S’pore Ranked 6th Least Corrupted Country in the World in 2017

Singapore was ranked 2nd safest city in the world in 2017, so this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to many.

The latest news reported by Channel NewsAsia this morning (22 February) was based on the Transparency International’s (TI) Corruptions Perceptions Index released on 21 February.

Singapore received a score of 84 among 180 countries and is ranked 6th in the annual ranking of countries that are considered least corrupt in 2017.

Take a look:

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Because of the tie between Finland, Norway, and Switzerland at 3rd place, Singapore is pushed to the 6th position. Honestly, it’s not too bad, right?

How does the point system work?

The index rates countries on a scale from 0 to 100. The lower it is, the more highly corrupted the country is. And of course on the other end of the spectrum, the higher the score, it means that the country is ‘clean’.

The ranking is also based on 13 surveys covering expert assessments and views of business people.

According to TI chair Delia Ferreira Rubio, “Countries where rule of law is respected, freedom of expression is respected, freedom of the press is respected” topped the rankings.

So in short, it seems like these 3 things are the criteria for the ranking:

  • rule of law
  • freedom of expression
  • freedom of the press

Another interesting observation: Despite Tokyo topping the list for the safe cities index in 2017, Japan stands at 20th position on the whole, with a score of 73.

Bottom of the list

Ah, what goes up, must come down… right? But apparently, for some, they are hardly going up at all.

Image: giphy.com

Syria, whose civil war will enter its 8th year in March, and Yemen, where fighting has raged for more than 3 years have slipped lower in the NGO’s worldwide ranking.

But nothing beats Somalia, who was ranked last among the 180 nations listed in the corruptions perceptions index.

In a statement, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) director Wong Hong Kuan said, “With the strong mandate from the government, the CPIB will continue to fight corruption resolutely and safeguard the integrity of the Singapore public service.”

Thanks, Mr Wong.

But we can’t deny the fact that Singapore has been seeing an increasingly higher amount of corruption, with 2012 ranking at a better score of 87 than compared to the current rating of 84.

The question now is, will Singapore maintain its position in both the safe cities index and corruptions perceptions index in 2018?

We shall await the report for the year.

Anyway, what do you think was the reason that we’re not number 1?

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