This S’pore Traffic Policewoman Makes You Want To Speed So You’ll Get ‘Saman’ By Her


Men are simple creatures.

We see chio bus; we like.

We see chio bus in traffic gear?

We super like.

Such was the case for Staff Sergeant Stephanie Chung, a Traffic Police Community Policing (TCOP) Officer from the Patrol Unit. (TCOP officers are tasked to address localized traffic concerns in order to make the roads a safer place).

She pretty much became an overnight celebrity after Facebook page Use Your RoadSense posted two photos of her.

In fact, the post was so popular that it garnered over 340 shares, and was even featured on the likes of SGAG.

Image: Use Your RoadSense Facebook Page

And I can totally understand why.

Image: Use Your RoadSense Facebook Page
Image: SGAG Facebook Page

Yours truly, for the sake of all the guys out there, decided to launch an investigation into this exclusive, rare lady.

Who is she?

Her name’s Stephanie Chung, and she’s currently working as a Traffic Police Community Policing Officer from the Patrol Unit.

Steph here, like many others, had a childhood dream to become a police officer, but unlike many others, actually fulfilled it.

After graduating from Republic Polytechnic, she gritted her teeth and signed on with SPF.

An avid rider, she found herself putting those vrooming skills to good use when she was posted to Traffic Police. Truly a match made in heaven.

According to her, she enjoys “riding outdoors” and “assisting motorists in need of help”. By educating road users, she’s able to make a difference.

You know what to do, boys. 😉

What are the challenges she faces at work?

Did that lao tiko pek harrass her? Did that lambo driver try to abduct her into his car?

Surprisingly, those were not the challenges she faced in her line of work. Rather, it’s more of the pedestrians not complying by the rules.

She would often spot pedestrians not using the designated crossings in a bid to save time. Should an accident occur, all that time wouldn’t matter.

She clarifies that while pedestrians should play their part, motorists should also chip in by slowing down and keeping an eye out for pedestrians.

You guys got that? Obey the traffic rules, peeps!

#beagoodcitizen #preaching


Cool chic

Motorbikes are cool.

Motorbike chicks are even cooler.

And Steph definitely belongs to that category, seeing as she owns a BMW F800GS.


Holy mama, that shit’s cooooool.

And she’s got advice to give to her fellow motorists too.

She practices the motto ‘Gear up, Ride Safe’, and says that motorcyclists should comply by it.


Unlike normal vehicles, motorcyclists don’t have a cover to hide beneath when something happens, so they are more likely to sustain greater injuries.

Hence, wear safe, and take care when you’re on the road.

You should practice defensive riding too, because you never know when a bobo rider comes along and knocks you outta the park.


It looks like chio bus are everywhere now huh? I mean, we guys don’t mind, not at all. In fact, I believe in equality, so a chio bu should be implemented in every sector, eh?

Boss, you get what I mean, right?


But honestly though, a person shouldn’t be valued on his or her looks alone. The important thing’s that you do your job, and do your job well.

So to the traffic police members out there, kudos for keeping the roads safe! You might not have a Facebook post dedicated to you, but your contributions are not unappreciated.


#forsteph hehe

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Image: Use Your Roadsense Facebook Page

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