S’pore Woman Tried To Shame GrabHitch Driver For Scolding Her On FB But Ended Up Getting Burned


Did you know that a Grab driver is entitled to just two GrabHitch services per day?

If you didn’t, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Image: Grab

So logically, a Grab driver would want to maximise the potential of a GrabHitch ride, seeing as he can only do it twice per day and it could earn him a shit ton of money.

There are however, riders, that do not think the same way.

Eh, driver, I GrabHitch but I prefer not to share

On the morning of September 13, Stomper James’ girlfriend had booked a GrabHitch ride from Woodlands to The Paragon.

Because she was rushing for time, she input ‘Preferred not sharing’ in the ‘Note to driver’ section.

Image: Stomp

You know, that’s like inputting “prefer free food” when one orders McDelivery #justsaying

The driver, thinking it was a joke, accepted it. He then followed up with queries that signalled all too well his sheer disbelief.

Image: Grab

When she confirmed his queries, he went full ‘Logical’ mode, explaining how her request was so ‘ludicrous’, and asking her to get a GrabCar.

Image: Grab

For some reason, his phone was double texting all the way.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that he had gone into ‘shock’ mode, and made it a point to double text everything just to get his message across.

His tirade never stopped, even though his correspondent has all but muted.

Image: Grab

The passenger was so offended by the driver’s lecture that she apparently launched into a tirade of her own, to her Stomper boyfriend.

According to James, the driver could have chosen to cancel the ride if he didn’t approve of her actions.

He went on to say that drivers can choose to take a passenger or more, while passengers can opt to share or no. Well Brother, it’s called GrabHitch for a reason.

If the expectation wasn’t met, he continued. The driver has the option of not picking up the ride, and the passenger the option of cancelling it. The driver, however, was very harsh with his words.


This is a world of freedom of choice. It’s rather unfair if the driver chose to pick up but is aggressive to the passenger.” 

He interjected that the driver had a list of rider requests to choose from, and it felt like the driver had intentionally picked her request just so that he could “scold” her.

To clear up the dust, Stomp spoke to a Grab spokesman.

And he had this to say:

The whole point of social carpooling is that drivers can make slight detours to pick up other riders heading in the same direction.”


“Riders should expect to share rides with other people.”

“GrabHitch drivers are limited to two trips a day but can make multiple pick ups during those trips as long as it doesn’t exceed the total cost of the journey.

Honestly, both parties were in the wrong here.

I mean, just think about it. Sure, the driver might have thought that it was a joke at first, but the passenger did reply “Hi ya. Becos I need to reach paragon at 830.” She clarified it up front.

The driver could have let it go like a gentleman, but well he decided, “No, I gotta educate her. It’s my job as a Grab driver.”

And when she didn’t reply, he wasn’t deterred either. It’s like his life’s mission is built on that very moment: to lecture the young people these days how GrabHitch works.


On the other hand, the lady was in the wrong too.

Sure, everyone wants a cheap ride, but it’s titled ‘GrabHitch’ for a reason. The driver needs to eat as well, and if he hitched just you for a ride, that’s 50% of his quota gone.

Netizens are, however, siding the GrabHitch driver.

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

By the way, I’m applying for a job and I’m going to indicate “prefer not working” in my resume. #sorrynotsorry

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