S’pore Won Another Gold Medal: Yip Pin Xiu Broke World Record Too


It has been an encouraging year for Singapore sports so far.

Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first gold medal in the recent Rio 2016 Olympics, proving that despite us having a small population, we could do the impossible.

This morning (10 September 2016), Ms Yip Pin Xiu won another gold for us, this time in the Rio 2016 Paralympics. She won in the 100m backstroke S2 event, and finished with an amazing timing of 2 min 7.09 sec. The silver medallist, Feng Yazhu from China, clocked 2 min 18.65 sec, which means Pin Xiu won comfortably with a lead of over ten seconds.

Just look at her staying at the finish line and waiting for the runner-up to finish!

The 24-year-old is not new to a gold medal—in 2005, at the young age of 13, she won her first two gold medals in the Asia Paralympics Swimming Championship 2005. Since then, she has been clinching medals after medals, and setting world records.

In the 2008 Paralympic Games, she won her first Paralympic gold medal in the 50m backstroke S3 event, while at the same time breaking yet another world record during the heats, clocking 57.04 sec.

The SMU undergraduate is also named The Straits Times’ Athlete of the Year 2015 (it’s going to be so tough choosing between Joseph Schooling and her this year, eh?). The judges said it best about her in last year: “Pin Xiu is the epitome of an athlete who refuses to be beaten, by an opponent or her condition.”

This is just the first gold medal by a Singaporean in the Rio 2016 Paralympics—Pin Xiu is set to complete next Friday in a 50m backstroke S2 event.

If anything, here’s one thing that Joseph Schooling and Yip Pin Xiu have taught us this year: nothing is impossible.

Featured Image: YouTube (Paralympic Games)

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