S’porean Couple Saved Themselves From Alleged Scam in London By Keeping Calm

Last Updated on 2018-09-21 , 6:08 pm

Most, if not all Singaporeans love travelling overseas to see the sights and explore new places.

And most of us tend to switch off when we get to a foreign country. Because how else can you relax, right?

But this Singaporean couple on their honeymoon stayed vigilant and were rewarded for their efforts.

What Happened?

Rashid and his wife were on the first day of their honeymoon in London.

That was when they allegedly bumped into scammers who are targetting people on the streets.

They were first approached by a tourist who asked for directions.

As they are not familiar with the city too, they couldn’t help him. However, they tried to help him figure out where they are.

They advised him to take the subway to where he was supposed to be at. The couple decided to show him the way since they were travelling in the same direction.

Allegedly Fake Police Officers Entered The Scene

While walking and chatting, they were suddenly stopped by two men who spoke in heavily-accented English.

They identified themselves as the police and requested to see identification from the three tourists.

While the man who asked for directions readily showed his papers, the Singaporean couple felt something wrong with the situation.

They demanded to see their identification again, which the “police officers” refused to show.

Although the officers tried to assure the couple that they were “on their side and here to protect” them, the couple wouldn’t budge.

Then, the man who asked for directions walked away and the two police officers were left behind as the couple walked out of the situation.

You can watch the video of the full encounter below:

Kudos To The S’porean Couple

When you’re overseas and you thought you’ve gotten into trouble with the law enforcement overseas, it can be a pretty scary experience.

After all, you’re on foreign soil and you don’t know what they will do to you.

Which is why this couple is even more impressive, willing to challenge the “police officers'” authority, and walk away when they have the chance.

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So next time, no matter where you go, demand to see their identification or suggest to go to the police station.

After all, if they’re the real police officers, you can simply say you’re worried they’re scammers. They’ll probably know where you’re coming from.

Seeing how they have to deal with the reports that were lodged every time a person was scammed in their precinct.

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**All images from YouTube (Rashid) unless otherwise stated.

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