S’porean Who Knit Maggie Mee Made it to BBC, But Some People Are Salty


Instant noodles- Something that is meant to be cooked and consumed instantly. However, this Singaporean took it to the next level and decided to Knit instant noodles into a performance art piece for a Singapore gallery.  

Instant Gratification

Cynthia Suwito,is known as the girl who knits noodles. She enjoys eating instant noodles just like everyone else. However, there something about instant noodles that engages her attention. Given that the nature of instant noodles tends to be fast and easy, she decided to turn it into a slow and patient process for her to enjoy.

What’s a better thing to do other than to knit it? Knitting takes time to complete; to knit something so instant creates an irony and lengthens the process. Purpose of it? To teach us about instant gratification. Given how we are living in a fast-paced society today, we demand for things to always be fast. Maybe sometimes we just need to slow down for awhile and be more grateful for what we have?


However, many netizens were not very keen upon hearing this. Maggie mee? It’s something that we eat, not used as an art form! When she was asked about her relationship with instant noodles, Cynthia told BBC that she still consumed it as usual. Now who knits with your food and still dares to eat it? Interesting. Others commented upon how absurd it sounded, and see no purpose in doing so. Why bother knitting it anyway?

How about you? Do you agree with her perspective, or do you find it unnecessary just like the rest? 

Check out the BBC video

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Featured Image: Facebook (BBC News)

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