S’porean Refused To Pay Service Charge Because He Has To Pay At The Counter

We’ve all eaten at restaurants before and we’ve all met with bad service at least once in our lives.

What do you usually do when you’re faced with such things? I mean, the food’s great but the service of the place just spoils it for you. And on important occasions too!

Screw it up somehow for the restaurant to get your own back? That was what this man did, and he became an internet sensation for it. But maybe not for the right reasons.

Check out what he did.

Image: stomp.com.sg

It was reported on Lianhe Zaobao that on 14 May (Sunday) at about 9 pm, a customer dining with his family at a restaurant in NEX shopping centre refused to pay the service charge. 

When contacted, the customer claimed that the service standard at the restaurant for that night was bad.

But when we raise our hands to signal the waiter to take our orders, they simply stood aside and chatted amongst themselves. 

We waited for three full minutes before they noticed us.

The customer said that when he was told he had to make payment at the counter himself, that was the last straw.

He refused to pay the service charge of $24 and paid the exact amount in cash before leaving the restaurant. The staff at the cashier couldn’t react in time and let him walk away.

That’s his side of the story.

However, things sounded very different from the restaurant’s end.

The 52-year-old manager of the restaurant told his side of the story.

The restaurant was shorthanded, and they had implemented the policy that customers must pay at the cashier three months back.

He said that the man was the most “unreasonable” customer he has ever seen in his 10 years of experience in F&B.

The cashier who was shortchanged recounted that the man was initially very friendly, even making conversation with the waiter.

However, when he came over to make payment at the counter, he looked angry and said that he didn’t want to pay the 10% service charge.

The reason he allegedly gave is because he had to walk to the cashier to pay.

The customer had wanted to pay via credit card but ultimately decided to pay in cash instead as he did not want to incur the service charges.

He had thrown the money on the counter and left immediately.

Netizens on the internet were divided.

Some said the manager was being too defensive, while others think that the customer is just trying to pay lesser.

Others were wondering if the service charge is enforced by law or not.

What do you think?

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**All images from zaobao.com.sg

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