This S’porean Turned SAF Combat Rations Into Michelin Star Meals


SAF combat rations are many things: functional, filling, convenient, etc. etc.

But there’s one thing they are not.


Because let’s admit it; combat rations don’t look the best.

Image: Steve1989 Youtube

And lest you forget, the average SAF soldier doesn’t consume his combat ration pack on a fancy plate.

Surrounded by lush greenery, natural mud and the occasional mosquito, he often digs into his pack with nothing but his mouth and cutlery.

Image: VRForums

So you can imagine how unappetising combat rations can get.

In fact, it’s got to a point where…

Image: imgflip

Save for the fruit bar, perhaps.

That shit is gold.


There’s just the minor drawback of you having to take a shit after that.

But what do we have here?

On 19 October, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen published a series of photos on his Facebook page.

Image: Da Photographer Facebook Page

Granted, they are all pretty Instagram-worthy.

But there’s nothing special about them; nothing news-worthy.

Until I read the description.

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“John transformed the familiar ration pack into creative culinary photo pieces.”

Whoa, hold up, hold up.

Image: Imgflip

I couldn’t help but go back for a second look.

Fragrant Chicken Rice with mushroom and Iced Lemon Tea from Non-Halal Pack 6

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“Fragrant Chicken Rice with mushroom and Iced Lemon Tea from Non-Halal Pack 6 feature in this dish which sees the rice moulded into popsicles and dusted with ice lemon tea powder.”

All I see is a lollipop and a bed of grass below it. There’s no hint of chicken whatsoever.

But I’ll take it anyway.

The Sweet Potato Soup with Barley dessert pack

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“The Sweet Potato Soup with Barley dessert pack features prominently in this recreation as a quenelle sprinkled with white sauce made with milk powder sieved from the plain cereal drink mix.” 

If desserts looked this good, I would have dunked every dessert pack in my mouth.


It’s like having a mini Swensens in the jungle.

Hardtack Biscuit

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“For the innovative keropok in this dish, John and his team re-hydrated, blended and baked the humble hardtack biscuit into thin wafers. They are perfect for scooping up the Makhani Bean Stew with shredded chicken.”

Look, the biscuits are alright. When dunked in water, it provides that distinctive cakey flavour that nobody hates.

But thin wafers?

That’s dope!


Glutinous Rice Balls with peanut and hardtacks

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“Glutinous Rice Balls with peanut and hardtacks done the same way as the keropok from the previous picture with aromatic leaves burnt to add a smoky flair to the dish.”

Just gonna pop them into my mouth, one by one.

Wait, there’s no more?!

Get me another round, biatch.

Apricot Fruit Bar

Image: Ng Eng Heng Facebook Page

“Three packs of reduced chocolate cereal mix and sliced up apricot fruit bar dusted with oat-flavoured biscuit feature in this dessert piece.”

This is one dessert course I wouldn’t pass up.

Even if it makes me shit.

Big time.


All in all, my face’s like…

Image: Know Your Meme

Who knew that combat rations could ever look… good?

You know, outfield training wouldn’t be so bad if combat rations looked like that on a daily basis.

But that’s about as possible as Donald Trump ever becoming the president of the United States…

Oh, wait…

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