S’poreans Requesting For Hello Kitty x We Bare Bears Plushies On AirFrov At $50 Per Cat


We love cute things a bit too much.

From the My Melody Holder that sold out to Snorlax charms and just about every Hello Kitty plushie ever, Singaporeans are suckers for cute novelties and will queue up irrationally for them.

Don’t say I say one, even my fat and old boss queued up for Hello Kitty dolls before.

So…for those insane fans, here’s a bit of exciting information for you. The newest collab in town is a Hello Kitty x We Bare Bears from Lotteria and it is so cute we all want to die

I guess we can call them… Hello, We Bare Kitty Bears.

Image: giphy.com

Take our money!

Overpriced Dolls?

With every majorly adorable collab, you can ALWAYS count on people trying to buy it at a jacked up price.

Why do we say that? Because from what we can understand using Google Translate on Lotteria’ Instagram post, (since our Korean language abilities are extremely limited) each collaboration doll is apparently being sold at 9000 won. Which converts to around SGD 11.

As seen from Airfrov’s facebook post, you can request for travellers to help you get it.

At the price of $50.

Image: airfrov.com

Although to be very honest, anything is better than scalpers reselling BTS concert tickets at $10,000. Ouch.

How AirFrov Works

AirFrov operates by utilising the power of many. For this case, whoever is travelling overseas can offer to help buy stuff that cannot be bought in Singapore, Taobao or anything else that Singaporeans use.

You can post a request for items (like these uber cute bare cats) on the platform and travellers who are going to the country can offer to help you out.

After a price is agreed upon, that is.

Clearly, people are willing to pay for it and they want them all.

No judgement at all because we understand the irrational state our brains go into when something we love is up for sale.


It’s exactly the same thing as going bonkers over lobsters or bubble tea.

We tried to help you seek out other sources you could get them but the price hovers around $50 with Carousellers doing P.Os at around $48.

Image: airfrov.com

Admittedly, spending 50 bucks on a plushie seems a bit excessive because I mean…it’s just a plushie after all.

However, Lotteria nailed it with this collaboration and looking through the pictures taken by people who already bought them, they are undeniably cute.

Image: Instagram (@y_jjoo0)

One happy family


If you’re planning on getting them, you can head over to Airfrov and request for a traveller to get one back for you.

Although to be fair, paying $39 extra per cat, compared to the air tickets to Korea? That’s still a steal. Agree?

After all, we’ve seen cases of people selling a $6.90 My Melody holder for $50. What’s new?