S’poreans Share Stories Of How They Were Allegedly Forced To Give Money By Beggars in S’pore


Last Updated on 2023-04-08 , 5:44 pm

We all wish fervently that we won’t ever run into people who ask for money.

The experience itself is uncomfortable, especially since we have no way to know if they are actually lying or not.

Some people have it worse than others, though. In between very obviously counterfeit and relentlessly persistent strangers, here are some stories of people on Reddit who have had it harsh.

A Student’s Encounter

You know how, sometimes, these beggars have a predilection to pick people who look like they will give in easily? For an unfortunate student just trying to have a peaceful lunch, that was exactly what happened.

He was apparently both extremely persistent and evidently fake. He fulfilled the first part by threatening to even go down on his knees, and the second by proceeding to scroll through his phone and smoking at another table a while later.

Even without his carefree actions after the emotional begging, his tragedy of a story was already flawed.

To make it even worse for the students whom nobody wanted to save, the students even made a loss for the tissues they bought reluctantly, because it cost $2 for 2 packets of tissue, when old auntie charges $1 for 3 packs.

The beggar simply needed to have really thick skin to get what he wanted, and he clearly had no shortage of it.

In other news, the student has managed to engage other users enough to start sharing their own interesting stories.

A Deaf Person Who Can Hear

This is for the beggars who feign their various conditions — dedicate to your illness, whatever it is.

When pleading for a hefty amount such as $10, the acting was very clearly lacklustre in comparison. If you want to claim to be deaf, at least learn the basics of sign language, right?

And when the fire alarm rang, the beggar flinched. Nowadays fire alarm so powderful?

The woman encountered by the user is not the only one asking for hefty amounts, though.

The High-SES 

You’d be surprised at the incredible prices that some beggars ask for — begging for a cost that nobody spends easily (unless you’re actually a millionaire).

Basically, someone went down on her knees and asked for $10K because her son got hit in the head, and she needed to pay for the hospital bills.


In the first place, who would easily have $10k on hand? Furthermore, banks don’t even let people take out that sort of astronomical amount in one go.

Knowing first-hand people who got their head hit by a speaker, I’m also pretty sure that the hospital bill was nowhere near $10k.

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The Phone Collector

But that’s not the only thing that beggars try to get from you. If a beggar is trying to take a phone from you, I would sooner call him a cheater than anything else.

So our hero was in SAF uniform due to reservist, and a man asked to borrow his phone to call the police as someone stole his phone. When our hero offered to call the police for him, he requested for $10 instead.

Hero decided to give him $2, but he refused and insisted on $10.


Beggar or not, who would even refuse a $2 if it’s given for free, no strings attached?

The Creative

Some beggars don’t attempt to fake their way through anything. Instead, they gladly put in their effort and use their abilities to gain sympathy.

A guy just sat beside people in a hawker centre and started to play the urhu. Once you give him $2, he would just walk away.

The result of their abilities can be questionable, though. Yet, anything is better than conning your way through endless people to get money.

In fact, there are even people who would pay for his performance.

Putting aside the fact that eating alone is actually bad for you, the amount offered is actually not quite bad.


While we may not see beggars that often in Singapore as compared to other countries, there is still a significant enough number that we cannot ignore.

So the next time you see someone claiming to be a beggar, know how to tell the difference between a real and fake one with your now-polished skills!