Star Awards 2022 Will Have Aaron Kwok & Jacky Wu As 3D Virtual Award Presenters

If the only memory you have of Star Awards is seeing the same familiar faces from local television year after year, this year’s version of the awards ceremony might leave you with a different impression of the annual awards show.

With local veteran actor Chen Hanwei announced as the sole host of the ceremony, which will be taking place on 24 April this year, Mediacorp also recently revealed the list of award presenters for this year.

With notable names such as Cecilia Cheung and S.H.E’s Ella gracing the occasion in past years, the list of award presenters for this year’s Star Awards clearly won’t disappoint viewers either.

The awards ceremony promises a “visually spectacular showcase” with “life-sized, three-dimensional holograms” of the presenters. So, get ready to see world-renowned celebrities like Aaron Kwok, Jacky Wu, Carol Cheng, Moses Chan and Mickey Huang appear on your screen. (Yes, I’m not joking.)

Additionally, thanks to Proto, a “holoportation” device, you’ll get to watch these celebrities announce the prize recipients in real-time during the ceremony.

Other than the international stars who will be participating in the ceremony virtually, expect to see other well-known local stars such as Guo Liang, Irene Ang, Jaspers Lai, Marcus Chin and SGAG co-founder Adrian Ang (aka Xiao Ming) throughout the ceremony as well.

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Apart from Proto, the LeoBot will also make its debut appearance at this year’s Star Awards by acting like a robot trophy presenter.

Additionally, with the help of the SDE’s Bolt High-Speed Camera Robot and Phantom Flex4k cameras, expect nothing but the best quality when you watch the Walk of Fame segment of the ceremony.

And if that’s not enough technology to impress you, the main award ceremony will also include a segment that includes Extended Reality (XR) technology, allowing viewers to enjoy an experience that mixes both the real and virtual worlds.

How and When to Catch the Ceremony

The ceremony will be held on 24 April, with the Backstage Live segment starting at 3.30 pm. The Walk of Fame will commence at 5 pm, while the actual awards ceremony will begin at 7 pm.

You’ll be able to watch the ceremony on Channel 8, Channel U, meWATCH and Mediacorp Entertainment’s YouTube channel, so don’t miss it!

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Featured Image: Yu Chun Christopher Wong / + Facebook (吳宗憲 Jacky Wu)