Everything About Star Awards Postponement Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to Dorscon Orange, plenty of events have been postponed by organisers.

And the Star Awards 2020 isn’t any different.

Postponement of Star Awards 2020

If you love the Star Awards because you can see the best dressed (and the worst-dressed) celebrities, you’re going to have to wait a lot longer before you can have your laugh.

Yesterday (19 Feb 2020), Mediacorp issued a statement: The Star Awards 2020, originally planned for 26 Apr 2020, is going to be postponed.

The Star Awards 2020 will be postponed to the second half of the year.

However, the date isn’t confirmed yet and they will provide an update once a date is decided on.

Celebrities Show Support For The Postponement

Celebrities that CNA spoke to all expressed their support for Mediacorp’s decision.

(Well, of course lah)

Rebecca Lim said that once we successfully won against the Covid-19, we will all “celebrate in style and high spirits” with “the rest of the world”.

Desmond Tan, besides thinking it a good idea, thought that there might be a twist to this 26-year-old show. Maybe the red carpet?

Romeo Tan felt that compared to celebrations and acknowledgements, everybody’s health is still more important.

Shaun Chen even have a suggestion for Singaporeans: Stay at home more often and watch Mediacorp’s shows.

Erm…sure…? Does he know there’s…Netflix?

Star Awards 

Every year, the Star Awards ceremony attracts a lot of attention from local Singaporeans.

In Star Awards 2019, the show got a record-breaking 16.9% ratings on local TV. Which is waaaaay better than most shows.

And Singaporeans love the Star Awards, not just because we can (finally) see our favourite uncle/auntie celebrity again.

We can also see moments like these immortalised on the internet:

Hong Huifang So Certain That She Won’t Win the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, She Was Chewing a Sweet

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: Auntie Hong, together with many other aunties and uncles (more on that later), was enjoying the show and her sweet when her name was called.

Shocked (like, genuinely shocked, not those “fake shocked”), she ended up on stage and halfway through her rather incoherent speech, she said, “Thanks, thank you – sorry, my sweet is still in my mouth…”

Soon after, she revealed in an interview that the older generation has now learned how to vote online, so they’ve all voted for her (and all the uncles/aunties).

Just so you know, the sweet she was having is a cough drop.

Definitely our favourite part of Star Awards 2019.