10 Moments in Star Awards 2019 That Show This Year’s Awards is The Best-est So Far


Lest you’ve no idea what the big screen in your living room is, let uncle here tell you its purpose: back in the past, when phones weren’t smart and the only books we read were books with faces, we’d spend hours every day staring at the big screen known as TV, flipping through channels to find the best shows.

And every year, the one and only free-to-air TV station Mediacorp would host its annual D&D Star Awards to recognize winners in their shows.

Back in the past, it was a big deal: a Zoe Tay fan would scream when he saw her going up the stage, and we used to furiously call a hotline to vote for our favourite celebrities to win the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes.

Time passed, and slowly, Netflix took over Channel 5, Viu took over Channel 8 and smartphone took over TV: our distance with TV widened so much, I won’t be surprised if your TV is showing a black screen now as it’s still trying to find analogue signal.

In the last few years, Star Awards, IMO, became a show to look for interesting and impromptu surprises, like how Pornsak said “Do you know who I am” or how Jeanette Aw  fell down (bad, I know, but it’s all entertainment).

If you’ve thought that yesterday’s Star Awards is akin to previous years, you’re wrong: I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s perhaps the best Star Awards show so far.


There are just too many good moments.

Read on and you might want to watch it on Channel 8 YouTube channel again, because if there’s one show that’s better than Netflix, it’s this show.

Here are the 10 moments…though I’ve to add this in: spoilers ahead.

Hong Huifang So Certain That She Won’t Win the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, She Was Chewing a Sweet

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: Auntie Hong, together with many other aunties and uncles (more on that later), was enjoying the show and her sweet when her name was called.

Shocked (like, genuinely shocked, not those “fake shocked”), she ended up on stage and halfway through her rather incoherent speech, she said, “Thanks, thank you – sorry, my sweet is still in my mouth…”

Soon after, she revealed in an interview that the older generation has now learned how to vote online, so they’ve all voted for her (and all the uncles / aunties).

Just so you know, the sweet she was having is a cough drop.

Hong Huifang’s “Email” Voting

Yeah, it’s still Auntie Hong because while last year was all about Jin Yinji, this year’s all about Hong Huifang.

In the later part of her speech, she started to thank her fans and friends, saying, “Thank you! You’ve all made many calls to vote for me, calls through emails…”


And the witty Quan Yifang, the best-est host of all, immediately cut in, saying, “You can’t vote with email!”

Everyone then laughed, including Pan Ling Ling who’s standing behind her.

Wait, Pan Ling Ling? Also in Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes?

What’s this? Star Awards 1999?

Well, read on.


Veterans Won Best Actor and Best Actress Award

With new actors and actresses coming in the small screen, veteran actors are now relegated to auntie or uncle roles.

But nowadays, it seems like auntie or uncles are the leads.

This year’s Best Actor goes to Chan Han Wei, the actor who’s been acting even before I was born. And the Best Actress? Another veteran who was already in front of the camera before you learned your ABC: Bobo aka Zoe Tay.

But it’s not just the lead roles.

Veterans Won Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress Award

The uncles and aunties didn’t stop at the lead role: Lim Mei Jiao, who’s up against two other veterans and two new blood, took home the best supporting actress. The actress has been acting since 1985, taking the roles of young ladies to now a mother or grandmother.

And for the best supporting actor, Chen Shucheng, who joined the industry when TV was still black and white in 1971, won his second award (not including the Evergreen Award) after his first victory in 2012.


It has been quite a while since I watched a Star Awards whereby I could pronounce the names of the winners without thinking.

Now, these are all based on judges’ judgment; how about awards for popularity?

Surely the aunties and uncles aren’t going to be win anything, just like any year, right?

Uncles / Aunties: Hold my Kopi-O Kosong.

Top 10 Most Popular Uncles & Aunties

The usual suspects went up to stage for the 10 Most Popular Artistes awards, but a few of them were missing.


Because this year, like what Chen Shucheng said, is for the Pioneer Generation.

A few veterans went up to stage, clinching the popular awards from the younger generations.

Here’s a list of the winners and the year they debuted:


  • Chen Xiuhuan (Debuted in 1984)
  • Felicia Chin (Debuted in 2003)
  • Paige Chua (Debuted in 2008)
  • Hong Huifang (Debuted in 1984)
  • Rebecca Lim (Who’s that?)
  • Jesseca Liu (Debuted in 2004)
  • Lina Ng (Debuted in 1993)
  • Pan Ling Ling (Debuted in 1988)
  • Carrie Wong (Who’s that?)
  • Ya Hui (Who’s that?)


  • Shaun Chen (Debuted in 2003)
  • Chen Shucheng (Debuted in 1971)
  • Dennis Chew (Debuted in 1991)
  • Dasmond Koh (Debuted in 1996 as a DJ in YES 933)
  • Pierre Png (Debuted in 1997)
  • Pornsak (Debuted in 2004)
  • Desmond Tan (Who’s that?)
  • Romeo Tan (Who’s that?)
  • Zheng Geping (Debuted in 1987, hulkified in 2012)
  • Zhu Houren (Debuted in 1989)

As you can see clearly now, it’s not a hyperbole when we say it’s the Pioneer Generation Awards 2019.

Chew Chor Meng’s Speech

Now, if you’ve only ten minutes, this is the only thing you should watch.

By now, you should know that Chor Meng suffers from Kennedy’s disease, which he announced in 2008. Despite that, he continued acting, though we’re seeing less of him on the small screen.


This year, he won a special award, the Special Achievement Award, and let’s just say that he deserves every single bit of the award.

The super talented actor spoke of how he would continue to act and do this best..even if he were on a wheelchair.

I won’t want to spoil anything; just watch this (and prepare a pack of tissue paper):

Announcement of Star Search to be Back

For some reason, a recap of Star Search was suddenly on air, and I’ve thought that they’re just thanking the veterans for their contribution to the industry, because #PioneerGeneration.

Well, it’s more than that.

In a surprise announcement, it’s revealed that Star Search, the talent show that found superb actors and actresses like Chew Chor Meng and Zoe Tay, is making a comeback after a nine-year hiatus.

Guess people who’re looking to shine would no longer have to do silly things on YouTube / Instagram to be spotted by casting directors liao.

Auditions will run from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on 4 May 2019 at Ngee Ann City and 12 May 2019 at Bugis+.

Jerry Yan, Who Lost Weight & Looks Lost

Can you believe this guy is the OG Dao Mingsi?

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

I almost can’t, too.

Yesterday, he didn’t just look like he has lost weight; he looked lost, too.

From the moment he was at the red carpet…

…to the moment when he was on stage, whereby he seemed to have the same cough drop as Hong Huifang.

Maybe Singapore’s weather is too hot for him to handle.

Hong Huifang and Pan Ling Ling on the Same Stage

If you’re as gossipy as us, you’d know that there’s a dispute between Hong Huifang and Pan Ling Ling about their kids. You can read all about it here.

So when Pan Ling Ling won the Top 10 Most Popular Female Auntie Artistes, the 三八 in me wondered what would happen if Hong Huifang won as well…and stood beside her.

Well, she did win, but didn’t stand beside her.

After that, TODAYonline asked her whether they’re now on good terms, and she didn’t provide an answer. However, they congratulated each other after that.

That must be weird.

Tribute to Aloysius Pang

In the beginning part of the show, a tribute was made to the late Aloysius Pang, as his friends sang “Voices Of My Heart” with a photo and video montage.

If you’ve another five minutes to spare, this is also one footage that you shouldn’t miss:

Now, if you’ve not watched the whole show and are now convinced that you’ve missed out on a great show, you can watch it here:

Just make sure you’ve enough data because it’s more than four hours long.