Starbucks Staff in Thomson Plaza Allegedly Sprayed Disinfectant at Nurse’s Face 4 Times After He Coughed

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Before the Covid-19 pandemic, coughing, sneezing, and pooping in buses, trains, and eateries were completely normal.

Reader: Uh, I don’t think pooping in public was ever norma-

But now, coughing in public is like announcing you have a bomb: everyone around you will start panicking and try to get as far away as possible.

This is somewhat understandable, given how a cough is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of Covid-19.

But there are ways to display your anxiety or disgust when this happens, and spraying disinfectant in someone’s face is not exactly the best way to go about it.

Starbucks Staff in Thomson Plaza Allegedly Sprayed Disinfectant at Nurse’s Face 4 Times After He Coughed

A Starbucks employee allegedly sprayed disinfectant at a customer’s face after he coughed lightly, reported Lianhe Wanbao. 

The incident occurred on 17 Feb 2021, at the Thomson Plaza Starbucks outlet.

On that day, Chen Jianchun, a 59-year-old nurse, visited the Starbucks outlet for a drink.

While waiting for his drinks to be made, Chen said he “lightly coughed twice” because of an irritation in his throat.

Much like how someone sprays pepper spray at perverts, this Starbucks employee allegedly sprayed disinfectant in Chen’s face upon hearing him cough.

And once apparently wasn’t enough to kill the coronavirus germs waiting to attack her on Chen’s face, so she allegedly sprayed his face four times. 

The disinfectant, which must have entered Chen’s eyes, stung so badly that Chen could not open his eyes and began tearing.

He had to rush to the nearest bathroom to wash his eyes out.

Also Sprayed Disinfectant Towards Customer’s Drinks

For some reason, the Starbucks employee also sprayed disinfectant towards the bag with Chen’s drinks.

It seems that the germs from Chen had magically avoided the entire outlet and only landed on his drinks.

When Chen told her that this was unnecessary, she allegedly said she could do whatever she wanted as “this is her store”.


Chen was surprisingly understanding about the situation, noting that people at the moment are naturally more uneasy about others coughing in their presence.

But given that he was wearing a mask, Chen felt the employee was overreacting.

Yes, just a tad, perhaps.

Speaking to MothershipStarbucks said it is aware of the incident and is currently investigating the matter.

They have also reached out to the customer “to find out more about the facts of the situation”.

Sadly, much like pooping, we might have to hold in a cough until we get home just to avoid stares, tsk tsks, and sprays of disinfectant from employees at Starbucks.

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