Woman Somehow Unknowingly Paid for Another Person’s Starhub Bills for Over 4 Months


Thanks to the competitiveness between the local telecommunication service providers, phone plans in Singapore come in many variations and are comparatively cheap.

Now imagine, you signed up for a new phone line for your mother, who only calls for the most part, and you receive a phone bill stating that the data usage charges are more than $100.


The Unwelcoming Plan

This was what happened to Facebook user Claudia Lau.

After she received the phone bill, she was surprised to see the data usage charges.

The customer called Starhub and was told that the charges were accrued by the free SIM card that Starhub issued to her.

Here’s the catch though: Claudia did not receive the SIM card at all.

Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

Consequently, it meant that she was paying for someone else’s phone bill for the last four months, and the total sum tallied up to S$498.

Claudia then called the number stated on the mobile plan, and someone by the name of “Wati” answered.

“Hello, Wati, your mobile plan which you are not paying for is about to get cancelled.”

Image: WhatsApp

In short, the customer wants Starhub to suspend the number and cancel the additional charges.


Or at the very least, don’t charge her for it.

The customer added that she will be making a police report on the matter, in response to a comment under her post.

The Impunity In The Usage

According to Starhub’s website, the Welcome Plan that the SIM card uses is a free mobile line given to customers who sign up or recontract one of their selected services.

It comes with 1GB of local data and 50 minutes for outgoing calls.

Image: Starhub

The excess charge of S$100 was the result of Wati exceeding the data usage by 9.439GB.

It also implies that Wati has been consistently exceeding the entitled 1GB data for the past four months.

Image: facebook.com

Starhub’s Apology

Shortly after the Facebook post, Starhub apologised for the surcharges and for the SIM card that Claudia did not receive, in a direct comment.

However, Starhub clearly hopes that their customers will take their complaints to a private call or message instead of calling them out for their mistake on social media.

Image: facebook.com

Say what you will, but this shows that public shaming works to make companies act.

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