StarHub Going to Sell Electricity: 10 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (19 Mar)


Yesterday, we wrote about this unsung motorcyclist who helped direct traffic flow at a deadfall incident, but it turns out there’s more to the story than meet the eyes.

And Starhub is selling electricity now.

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Here are 10 topics that Singaporeans are talking about right now.

Starhub Announce They’ll Be Selling Electricity In The Near Future

Woah, wait a minute. Starhub…isn’t that the Telco?

Nope, you didn’t read that headline wrong.


On 19 Mar, Starhub announced that they’ll be going beyond their traditional services…and selling electricity to their customers.

They are partnering up “with local solar energy provider Sunseap to sell electricity at the soft launch of the Open Electricity Market in Jurong next month.”

Offering two clean energy subscription plan called the Green Life and Green Safe plans, they want to offer households the chance to “live a lower carbon footprint lifestyle using the sun’s energy.”

Green Life subscription enables customers to receive 100% clean energy at the usual regulated electricity tariff, currently 21.56 cents per kWh.

Green Save, on the other hand, allows customers to receive 5% clean energy and 20% OFF regular electricity tariff.

Starhub has yet to announce their price plans but said that they’ll be bundling their “essential services from mobile, pay TV, broadband and electricity in attractive packages for customers”.

It’s a weird world, indeed. Is Singtel going to sell water soon?

S’porean Men Who Moved Branches To Allow Traffic Flow During Deadfall Proves S’pore Still Has Racial Harmony

Yesterday, we wrote about this man who volunteered to direct traffic because of a deadfall at Jurong West.

But as it turns out, there are more heroes in the story than you think.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Sujimy Mohamad, he brings you more information about the incident.


When it first happened, the tree was allegedly blocking both lanes of the road.

However, passers-by dragged the branches till one of the lanes was cleared.

He was allegedly one of them.


He said that there was a bus who couldn’t get through the road.

So passers-by got together to drag the tree by the branches until one of the lanes is cleared.

There were four of them, including…

And an Indian man.


Racial harmony at its best, isn’t it?


SCDF arrived at the scene after and managed to get the trapped driver out from his vehicle safely.

You can watch the full video here:

**All images in this sub-heading are screengrabs from Sujimy Mohamad Facebook Video unless otherwise stated.


23-Year-Old SBS Bus Driver Changes The Way You Think About Bus Drivers in S’pore

Admit it, Singaporeans don’t really like Singapore bus drivers.

How many times do you have to hold on to handholds because they jam brake, start off suddenly and other nonsense?

But among the bad eggs are quite a few good ones too.

Like this 23-year-old.

Meet Benjamin Lim, 23-year-old and a self-acknowledged mini-fan of buses.

Since 16, he found a love for buses and would hang out at the bus interchange, checking out bus services and hopping on different ones to see the routes they travel.

After graduating from ITE and completing his NS, he joined the bus service industry at a roadshow.


Every day is a challenge, according to him, and bus drivers have to deal with everything from customer service to traffic.

Bus drivers are not just responsible for driving. They also need to check the vehicle for defects, petrol level and equipment before leaving the interchange.

Benjamin takes pride in knowing more routes than his peers and will study other bus routes on his off days.

He is always looking for new ways to improve, like braking smoothly so his passengers won’t fall and stopping the right distance from the bus stop.

And he’s not the only one.

There are also those who smile at you and say hi, those who wished you Happy Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately, we, being the shy Singaporeans that we are, react quite coldly to these friendly messages.

Maybe next time, when the driver smiles at you, you should just give a warm smile back, instead of ignoring him, eh?

You can find Benjamin at the Tampines Bus Interchange plying his trade.

**All images from Channel News Asia unless otherwise stated.

S’poreans Behaviour At We Bare Bears Extravaganza Shows Why We Don’t Deserve Good Things

When it comes to good stuff, most of you will probably think that Singaporeans don’t deserve them.

After all, we have a pretty bad track record when it comes to stuff like that.

Now here’s one more that’ll get your blood boiling.

Disclaimer: Not for We Bare Bears lovers.


On 9 Mar, it was reported that Sentosa will have a We Bare Bears invasion at Palawan Beach.

There will be over 300 inflatable sculptures of the cute bears scattered across the beach, and a massive 3-layer bearstack for selfie opportunities.


It’s free for locals and PRs, and signs asking people not to sit on the bears were deployed.

What do you think happened?


Cue influx of things Singaporeans shouldn’t do.

Don’t be surprised if you see this on Carousell.

If you say I can’t do this…I’m gonna do it anyways

And the classic, I’m technically not breaking the rules

Like some would say, first world country, third world mentality.

Maybe before we judge Chinese tourists for climbing onto ancient statues, we should be looking at ourselves first, eh?

And this isn’t the only example. Read on.

**All images from unless otherwise stated.

S’poreans Abuse S’pore Launderette, Treats It As Makan Places & Playground

Yet another shared service that went wrong.

Look around your neighbourhood estate and you’ll probably find one of these shops.


Self-service laundry.

Meant for people who rent rooms and don’t have laundry facilities at home, or anyone who has a need for more heavy duty washing, this isn’t the only purpose it was used for.

It was reported that self-service launderettes have been misused for years, and there’s nothing the owners can do about it.

Because there’s no staff around to monitor.

Despite the warnings put up about live CCTV systems, there is still a heavy misuse of the premises.

Such as children treating it as a playground

People were spotted turning the launderette into their own eating space.

And owners even spotted couples who switched off the lights for some lovey-dovey action in the darkness.

Customers also wash their muddy helmets, stained dog beds and sports shoes with the machines, which isn’t allowed.

Granted, the owners of these services claimed that these unruly customers belong to the minority and most of their customers are pretty civic-minded.

Owners like Mr William Lau, director of Styltech Singapore says, “It shows the ugly side of human nature.”

“We can’t do much as we are not there… and we can’t stop them from coming back. If it is just a minor issue, we will just let it be.”

This is the latest in line with abusing shared services that Singaporeans are becoming more and more well-known for.

But it’s okay. There are still goody things to share today. Read on.


These Stylish Uncles & Aunties Proved That Age Is Just a Number


You know what they say, right? A good style transcends age, and these four Singaporeans bring that saying to life.

Meet Mr Edmund Koh, 59


He’s almost 60 but his physique and trendy wear make you think he’s in his 40s.

In the jewellery business, he loves anything loud and eye-catching. He does 300 pushups (can you do it, you fit fellow?!) a day and busks too.

Ms Shirley Tay, 71


Love life, it’s all about being “fun, classy and loud”.

She loves colours so much even her hair is streaked with colours. Her style reflects how much she loves life, and she has a newly formed band she jams with.

Mr Tan Dib Jin A.K.A DJ, 69


Call me DJ.

You can look casual without looking sloppy. It’s important to look neat at all times.

Oh, and I rock the batik look. (Nope, he didn’t say that, we did)

Miss Irene Chew, 66


Working in the fashion industry when she was young, she believed that age is nothing but a number.

“It’s all about your attitude and how confident you are about the pieces you wear.”

Heck, they’re even more fashionable than me, and I’m not even 30. Now let me go and cry in peace.

LTA Says They’ll Add Horizontal Panels Along A Road Bend, Reveals Shocking Data

If you have ever harboured thoughts of riding a Harley Davidson and roaring down a road…


…most of you would’ve abandoned that dream because of your parents.

They’ll be unhappy and worried when you mentioned you want to go for motorcycle lessons at BBDC. Because it’s dangerous AF.

Well, guess what? Your parents might be right in more ways than one.

LTA released motorists death from 2017, and it revealed that for every 25 motorists that died, 9 were motorcyclists.

Yes, 36% of deaths in road accidents were motorcyclists.

In an effort to reduce motorcyclists fatalities, the LTA has called for a tender last month to install horizontal guard rails at road bends to prevent motorcyclists from hitting the posts of a guardrail.

The installation works will start in the second quarter and be ready in the third quarter.

It will first be installed “along a 230m stretch of slip road linking the Bukit Timah Expressway to the Pan-Island Expressway, in the direction of Tuas.”

And studied further.

If found effective, the safety measure will be deployed at more locations.

Singapore Tourism Board Ads on Travel Insurance Wins The Internet Again

The days of boring advertising are over, even for official agencies like the SPF and STB.

STB has been winning the internet for quite some time, but their latest videos are the most successful ones, at least in my own opinion.

After all, 90s kids will definitely love this.

The Unbeatables advocating on travel insurance.

Take a look for yourself.

Seeing Lee Nanxing and Zoe Tay talking about travel insurance is just too funny.

Plus, don’t you think they matched the mouths damn well?

You’ll watch these videos over and over again, confirm.

And more people would be buying travel insurance (adv effectiveness: 101%).

S’poreans Will Know In Real-Time How Much Water They Use When Showering

Water rationing is something that’s been emphasised (read: nagged) on by the Government for a long time.

Except, maybe, not much people are listening.

Even with the 30% increase in water price because apparently, being reminded once a month isn’t effective enough.

So, they’re going about it in another way: by letting you see how much water you’re using every. Single. Day.


The new BTO project, West Rock @ Bukit Batok will come equipped with a smart shower device.

These devices do not run on electricity, but on water flows that drive the device’s inbuilt turbine.

Singapore’s PUB will install the device in 10,000 in new BTO projects within the next 2 years.

They’re looking at two different kinds of devices: one that shows the reading in numbers and another that will change colour according to consumption level.

A trial conducted earlier showed that households can save about 5 litres of water per person a day when confronted with the data during showers.

Which roughly equates to about 33% of their monthly water bill.

Interested in knowing about Singapore’s water woes? You can read this article too.

SMRT New App Will Tell You How Crowded The Station Is Right Now


If you’re a Singaporean, you’ll know that most of us aren’t really happy with SMRT.

Increased fares plus more breakdowns? Only in Singapore.

But one thing you can’t deny is that the transport giant is trying its best to improve their reliability.

From partnering with a race car data analysis company to minimise breakdowns, they’re aiming to improve customer satisfaction with their app as well.

In the later part of 2018, SMRT will equip their stations with an advance crowd-sensing system, using data from CCTV as well as WiFi signals from commuters mobile devices to monitor how crowded their platforms are.

The system will also be able to predict how long commuters might have to wait for a train.

This information would be linked to their app, SMRTConnect, which users will be able to see.

This will, hopefully, help commuters to better plan their journeys.

So there you go, 10 topics that Singaporeans are talking about.

Which will you be talking about during lunchtime today?

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