Steal Supermarket Trolley Not Enough, Someone Used It To Burn Offerings For HGF


Let me ask you a question: what do you use a supermarket trolley for?

Grocery shopping. Yeah. Fetching goods to your car trunk. Alright. Taking your child for a bumper ride in the Supermarket. Ok, acceptable.

Burning offerings.


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Believe me, that was my reaction when I first heard the news.

What happened?

According to Stomp, a supermarket trolley had been used as a platform to burn offerings.

Image: Stomp


Image: Stomp

The incident happened along Mugliston Road, just behind Katong Shopping Centre.

Innovative or ‘smart aleck’?

Normally, when burning offerings, we use either one of those large, red tins…


Or thick bamboo shoots to cushion the burning incense paper…

Or the ground. Which is probably the most inconsiderate.

Image: Sgfeed Journal

Just imagine the poor sweepers having to clean everything up…

Where does a supermarket trolley rank?

Honestly, it beats burning offerings on the floor, because it can at least keep a considerable bulk of burnt paper in it.

But the red tin would obviously be the best choice, seeing as it encapsulates 99% of what you throw into it (unless a nasty gale of wind comes along and blows the ashes into smithereens).


Such a controversial act has drawn quite a lot of disapproving comments.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp


Well, it certainly is a creative idea, and in this age, creativity can only inspire improvements so I guess there’s a positive start behind it.

However, it might be the wrong way to go about it.

For one, where the heck did the person get the trolley from? Not being accusatory, but did he steal it? I mean, you can’t exactly buy a supermarket trolley, can you?

For two, was he living near there? Or did he just decide, “Oh, this place looks good” and just throw everything to the poor resident there?

For three, is there no tin near the area at all? As they always say, “Be creative when you need to be, but sometimes the original is still the best.”

I guess we will need to find out more before we can, erm, blast the person. But for now, don’t use this idea, folks! Stick to the tins and keep things civilized and considerate!


What about you? What do you think?

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