Stirr Checked Whether Ordering Ice-cream with MCD Would Shorten Delivery Time


Delivery services are a blessing.

No, I’m being serious. For a fat and lazy guy like me, delivery services are essential for my survival.

For everyone else, it’s a great way to receive sustenance when you’re too busy to leave work during office hours.


Once we’ve ordered the food through a website or app, all that’s left is a long and painful waiting game (for me, at least).  I wonder if there’s a way to speed up the process?

And so, it seems that I’m not the only person who has wondered about this.

In a video produced by Stirr, they were seen testing out an interesting theory.

Does Ice Cream Speed Up Your Delivery?

Stirr finds out if ordering an ice cream makes your fast food delivery arrive faster. The results might surprise you.

Posted by Stirr on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

If you’re too lazy to click on the video, or simply being cautious about your data, allow me talk about the experiment here.

There’s a rumor that your Mcdelivery will arrive faster if there’s an ice cream in your order. Apparently, in order to prevent the ice cream from melting, they will prioritize your order, hence arriving at your location earlier than usual.


Interesting. Now this is something I would like to know.

The Stirr team tested out this theory in 3 locations around Singapore, namely Seng Kang, Toa Payoh and Farrer road.

The first order (Seng Kang) without any ice cream arrived after 34 minutes (Yikes, hungry die me) of waiting. The second order with a Mcflurry arrived within 17 minutes!

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The second location, Toa Payoh, had their orders coming in at 16 minutes (no ice cream) and 9 minutes (with ice cream) respectively.

So far so good.

However, something undesirable happened at the last location.


(Stop screaming, Stewie)

The last location, Farrer road, had their orders coming in at 29 minutes (Without ice cream) and 39 minutes (With ice cream) respectively.

Well, that’s one way to bust a myth.


This goes to show that having an ice cream in your order may not necessarily speed up your process.

However, I believe we do have to consider other factors.

For example, what happens if everyone ordered ice cream? Who will the delivery guy prioritize? Perhaps for the test at Farrer road, a few other families closer to the McDonald’s had ordered ice cream too?

At the end of the day, I guess we could conclude that ordering an ice cream does help increase the tendency of Mcdelivery arriving earlier.

Good job, Stirr! Now I know how to speed up my delivery and get even fatter at the same time!


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