Stomper Ordered Fried Rice Without Meat & Egg, Got Just Rice & Of Coz She Complained Online


Being a vegan these days can still be a challenge, I would know since I have been an on-again-off-again vegan for many years.

If you’re out with your friends at a meat-centric establishment, you’re pretty much screwed.

Be prepared to pay $10 or more for a sad salad that is doused in a creamy dressing which might contain egg or dairy.


Well, just be happy you are served with a medley of vegetables coz’ someone else paid $5 for a packet of plain fried white rice.

What happened

On Dec 23, Stomper Anna was at Sun Plaza’s Kopitiam for dinner.

She then went up to a stall and asked if there was a vegan (without meat and egg) option for their fried rice.

“The food server said yes and charged me $5,” she said.

She must be pretty happy, I mean finding a vegan option in Kopitiam is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Though the latter seems more realistic.

So, she requested for “vegan fried rice” and this is what she got:


A massive ball of plain fried white rice.


In the hawker’s defence, it is considered vegan.

But come on, add some vegetables to it lah.


The saddest fried rice ever.

“Not only is the food server’s attitude extremely rude, he never informed that my fried rice would look like this,” she said.

She also said: “Furthermore, the stall could have declined to cook the vegan fried rice if they did know how to make it. The service attitude of the staff is abhorrent and he needs to be educated on basic nutritional needs.”

Netizens’ reaction

Unfortunately, netizens did not share the same sentiment.

There was a slew of comments trolling her.


Luckily, there were a few empathetic souls who understood her plight.



It is unclear whether she got a refund or not, but vegans can definitely learn something from this—if you’re at a non-vegan eatery, communication is key.


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