Straits Times FB Just Burnt a Grammar Nazi with the Perfect Response

The Straits Times strikes again!

In a recent post on Facebook on the article about the Korean assassination of Kim Jong Nam, a commenter pointed out that ‘LOL’ is not a word.


ST swiftly replied with a simple link, completely shutting down this Grammar Nazi. This just goes to show that before you behave like a pedantic prick online, at least do some basic Googling, before you yourself get burnt instead.

Then in true internet fashion, the rest of the reply thread got derailed pretty much immediately.

Some spammed the ‘trash pigeon’ meme, and one other concerned citizen began commenting on how ST quoting an informal word written on a shirt is irresponsible reporting.

Apparently, in lieu of a short and sweet introduction to the article on a Facebook post, this man expected a lengthy explanation of how ‘LOL’ is an informal word not to be used in formal settings.

But all these ridiculous discussions pales in comparison to the epic burn by ST, of course.

Apply cold water to burn, indeed. LOL.

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