Straits Times Weather Update on Twitter Just Won the Internet


In the blistering heat and sporadic heavy storms these few months, weather updates are super important for us to plan ahead. Which naturally means lots of social media updates from organizations such as NEA and the Straits Times.

The Straits Times, in particular, became a well-needed ray of sunshine in our gloomy days. Take a look at their past few updates.


Whoever is behind these tweets, kudos to you. You make shitty weather that much more bearable for all of us.


Oh, poodle as in puddle! I get it.

If an intern is behind this (probably), Straits Times please hire this guy full time!


Rihanna song some more! I swear, these weather updates are making it very hard for me to make jokes here. Well done stealing my job, buddy.


HAHA, I give it to you lah. Rain only can make jokes like that, power lah. Love the subtle nod to our favourite Yishun.


You know what, Straits Times intern? Congratulations, you totally won the Internet. Now we’re not even sure if we want the bad weather to stop. Unfortunately, it seems the Straits Times twitter feed is receiving more attention for their weather updates than the actual news.

Take some notes, NEA. THIS is how you report on weather updates!

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