This Incident Reminds All S’poreans To Switch Off Storage Heater Tank When Not In Use


Singapore is always muggy, and it only makes sense to take a cold shower.

But there is nothing like taking a hot shower to relax those muscles, especially after slogging it out in the office.

And in the immortal words of Jack Dawson:


I don’t know how every single household operates but at my home, we use the storage water heater and it is mounted on the corner of the toilet.

Sometimes my thoughts run wild, and I imagine it crashing down and exploding or electrocuting me to death.

Just like the untimely deaths on Final Destination.

So when I heard this story, it made my paranoia worse.

According to The New Paper, SCDF got a call at 5.10 pm on Sep 30.

A storage water heater at one of the fifth-floor units in Cote D’Azur—located in Marine Parade—ruptured which caused the breaking of glass doors and windows.

Photos: Shin Min Daily News

Resident Ms Zheng, told Zaobao that she was shocked when she heard the loud sound, and went over and knocked the door but no one answered. She then swiftly informed the security officer.

According to one of the staff in the condo, the owner (father) stepped out of the toilet when the rupture happened, and the impact was so strong, it threw him onto the bed.

They have yet to find a plausible explanation as to why the heater exploded but luckily, there were no reported injuries.


The affected family of 3—South Korean mother, Australian father and the two-year-old daughter— moved to a nearby hotel, while their apartment is being refurbished.

I think one of the reasons for the rupture could be because they did not turn off the water heater. I have done it a couple of times, especially at night, so I can get a steady flow of hot water in the morning without having to wait (not advisable).

Moral of the story: Off the water when not in use.

I don’t know about you, but I will be having a quick shower from now (save water also).

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Feature Image: Shin Min Daily News