Strawberry Gen Lvl 99: Father Slapped Kid Because Kid Bullied His Daughter


If you’re part of the Strawberry Generation, hopefully you’re not as disastrous or reckless as this father. When your nine-year-old daughter is being bullied, it is debatable whether you should tackle this young offender yourself, with your bare hands, as an adult who is much older and stronger than the young fellow. Or maybe not.

This father decided to take things into his own hands, and seriously, we don’t know who we should pity: the father or the daughter.

The father, a hawker, was recently fined $3,500 for the offence that occurred least year.

So here’s what happened: Upon hearing about the bullying that his daughter was facing, the father informed the girl that he was going to speak to her principal. After telling the security guard the same thing, instead of doing talking to the principal, he barged into his daughter’s classroom. The girl made the perhaps wrongful move of pointing the boy out, which lead to the father questioning the boy’s part in bullying her.

What else could he have said besides denying it, when a large burly man was standing right before him and speaking in such a hostile tone? And because this father was a “brave man of action”, he slapped the boy. As a reminder for the young child’s crimes, red marks were left behind on the boy’s cheek.

The boy was so shocked he soiled his pants as he broke into tears. Fortunately, the teacher stood between in him and the attacker, trying to stop him without getting as physical. Due to the fact that the Strawberry Generation (or in this case, the Strawberry Generation’s parent) has power over every other person, the father decreed that no one in the class of 40 students should bully another, and to never behave like gangsters (that irony, indeed).

The man could be jailed up to 2 years and fined $5000, while the boy suffered from mild swelling. The Strawberry Generation may have forgotten that ‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. 

But then again, how the heck can you reason with the Strawberry Generation?

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