‘Student Volunteers’ Asked for Donations at 1am in HDB Flat & Even Smoked at the Corridor


There’s something to be said about surveillance and scammers.

The first being that the first has been a marvel at revealing shocking things, like the FedEx employee who threw fragile parcels around, the time where the nurses were outed for mistreating an elderly patient, or how absolutely heartless scammers can be.

Then there’s scammers who are still improving on their grammar and getting decent e-mail address, plus their endless creativity when it comes to finding ways to cheat people of their money.

“Student Volunteers” Smoking In The Corridor

This particular story begins with two men, who look like they are in their twenties or early thirties, smoking outside their would-be-victim’s corridor.

From the surveillance footage sent to Goody Feed, it appears that they’re vaguely aware that there’s a surveillance camera rolling, because the pair glance at lenses on occasion, though it might just be a coincidence.

The fact that they’re smoking gives away the fact that they’re clearly above the legal age limit, and the biggest benefit of the doubt you could give, would be to assume that they are university students.

Nonetheless, loitering outside someone’s house, at around 1:15AM doesn’t add to their credibility at all.

After the pair are done smoking their cigarettes, they’re seen going down the stairs briefly, before they pop back in front of the house a few minutes later.

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Pretending to be Student Volunteers

Except this time, they knock on the front door.

At 1:21am.

(Who even asks for a donation at this time, hello?)


Before the owner of the house opens the door, she could hear the audio feedback of what was going on outside.

The two men can be heard conversing with each other, confirming that they would be playing the roles of “student volunteers” for a one-time charity donation, and the man in the light brown khakis tells his partner-in-crime to make a “pitiful face”.

Upon opening the door, the two men put on their innocent masks and introduced themselves as student volunteers who were gathering donations, even asking if the owner had a language preference for Mandarin or English.

It should be noted that they don’t mention which organisation they’re presenting.

Nevertheless, the owner immediately expresses her disinterest and says “sorry”, to which the pair of scammers continue to smile and tell her to “take care”.

They leave afterwards, presumably to try the other units.

The owner of the flat wishes to warn members of the public about these two possible scammers that are going around the blocks, asking for “donations”.

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