Student Who Uploaded Friend’s Adult Video on Tumblr Jailed

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Another day, another Tumblr-related news.

Following closely on the heels of our article published last week, we bring you yet another bawdy news courtesy of yours truly, Tumblr.

Though, well, you might not be reading much of these news soon.


Lest you haven’t had the time read our article, Tumblr in a nutshell will be removing all adult content from its site come 17 December 2018.

This comes after Apple banned its app from the iOS store for having juvenile-related materials among it contents.

Lest you’re not aware, Apple is very strict about the quality of their apps. We of course know it because our app is available in both Google Play and Apple App Store, and let’s just say that approval process for Apple App Store is soooooo much longer than Google Play–even for a minor update.

And with so many people users iPhones, it’s no surprise that Tumblr has to be BFF with Apple.

Sharing is not Caring (in some context)

Closer to home, news broke yesterday that Ng Swee Koon, a 24 year old polytechnic student, was fined S$8,500 and sentenced to 14 months’ jail on Wednesday (Dec 12) for uploading a video of his friend engaging in sexual activity with a woman onto Tumblr.

His friend, Yew Zhi Ying, had consensual sex with the victim, aged 20, in mid 2016 and had filmed the act without her knowledge.

Yew then shared the video with Ng via chat application Wechat, who then subsequently uploaded it on Tumblr in early-2017 under his username Happyguy1994.

What an IRC name.

How it came to light

These transgressions came to light when the victim reported both Yew and Ng to the police for harassing her via text, and that she had also been receiving from strangers, with one of them allegedly saying that her contact number was on the site.

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She was also informed that there was a video of her circulating online.

Police then seized Ng’s phone in June 2017 and recovered 17 video clips classified as obscene by Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA)

In a separate offence, Ng also engaged in sexual act with a minor in 2017.

In total, Ng pleaded guilty to five charges including offences under the Films Act and sexual penetration of a minor.


Tumblr Aside

Apart from Tumblr and lest you are unaware, dealings, possession and advertising of obscene films to the Film Act is punishable by law:

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While sharing information may be at best a daily-fly-on-the-wall activity that we do with ease in this day and age, certain materials should be best kept private.

A great rule of thumb and friendly advice from us would be: If it’s filmed in privacy, it is best kept private.

As Ng and Tumblr found out, to either distribute or enable distribution of such materials, comes with grave consequences indeed.

So please, think before you act.