Studying in Starbucks Becomes a Hot Button Issue Again With This Latest Image

The age-old question—should students be allowed to study in cafes like Starbucks?


I will share my sentiments later.

This rather annoying phenomenon is back in the limelight, just like your ex that won’t leave you alone.

What happened

According to Stomper Shammir, the Starbucks at Keat Hong Community Club was flooded with students studying on a Saturday (18 Nov).


Just look at the picture.


Isn’t the “O” levels over?

Oh god, it is almost a decade since I took mine…

Okay back to the story.

The situation was pretty bad as he had to ask the staff to find a seat for two.

“I had to ask a staffer to clear the space for me because the students use laptops, bags, and sit in a staggered formation to book seats,” he said to Stomp.

He also mentioned that this is not his first time experiencing this.

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He had brought up this issue to Starbuck’s Facebook page to which he was told to approach one of the Starbucks staff if he has problems finding a seat.

So that’s what he did—good for him!


You know what is the infuriating part?

There is a dedicated studying space in the said community club and the Choa Chu Kang Public Library is just across the road as mentioned by Shammir.



I mean everyone was a student in their lifetime.

Even Shammir mentioned that when he was a student, he went to study corners and libraries.



Who can forget the self-entitled strawberry who wrote a scathing review on her “Starbucks experience” to Starbucks’s Facebook page.

That incident was so hot, even Singapore Kindness Movement stepped in, supporting the self-entitled student.

I know right. WHAT A SAGA.

I am all about kindness but unfortunately my patience is as thin as me—especially when it comes to kids who think the world revolves around them.

My stand on this will never change. If you want to study, please go to the library or some sad study corner.

We, adults, do not want to be reminded of our secondary school days.

I want to enjoy my soy milk latte with other stressed out millennials who are all experiencing a quarter-life crisis of sorts.


Is that too much to ask?

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