Strawberry Lvl 99 or Bobian Situation? Dad Called Police ‘Coz Boy Repeatedly Called His Daughter Fat


Verbal abuse is a disgusting and contemptible act. I’ve been on the short end of the stick before, so I can testify that it’s a real nightmare.

But is it an act deserving of the cops?

That notion was put to the test, when a dad called the cops on a boy who had allegedly “repeatedly called his daughter fat”.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

But before you guys give your verdicts, let’s have a quick flashback to determine the sequence of events prior to the court case.

9 October

Jeffrey had taken to Facebook to address her daughter’s situation in school.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

His Facebook friends were sympathetic.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook

Pay followed up with another post, on the very same day.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page
Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

11 October 2017

Pay, disappointed by the school’s disciplinary actions, had approached the Ministry of Education for help.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

It was apparently the last straw for the angered dad.

12 October 2017

Pay called the cops, requesting for them to drop by the school in question.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

Suffice it to say that Netizens didn’t take well to it.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page
Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page
Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page
Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page
Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

Pay replied to a number of comments, but the one below, in my opinion, best sums up his side of the story.

Image: Jeffrey Pay Facebook Page

13 October 2017

He released a follow-up post.


You’ll have probably noticed, but the storm seems to have died down a little. And judging by Pay’s last sentence, things might not need to be thrashed out in court in order to be absolved. A happy ending?

On a separate note, I couldn’t help but notice this particular phrase, though.

“As they act tough, by using adult’s speaking manners, basically they are still virgins and still sucking lollipops.”

You gotta admit; he has got spunk.

Did it merit the involvement of the cops?

Honestly, had I been the dad, I wouldn’t have called the cops.

I would have just whacked the hell out of the little shit.

BUT I’m fully aware that it’s an act that will get not just me, but my entire family into trouble. So I will take the next best option: teach my daughter how to defend herself.

Advise her on the different methods she can use.


Perhaps I’ll even teach her some karate moves so that she can karate chop the little punk herself. That will teach him to call her ‘fat’.

But I’m digressing; did it merit the involvement of the cops?

As you could probably tell, I don’t believe in that notion.

Apart from getting my own family into a crap ton of trouble and unwanted publicity, it also teaches my daughter a rather nasty lesson.

“If I’m bullied or something doesn’t go my way, it’s fine. My dad will settle it for me. He will call the cops, step in himself, or do something. I’ll totally be alright.”

Which isn’t exactly the kind of lesson I want my own daughter to learn. What if I’m not there for her? She’ll be worse off than a racehorse without legs.


But that’s just my two cents’ worth. What about you?

Are you all for calling the cops, or would you rather look into other aspects?

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