Suicide Squad 2 is Coming Back Despite Bad Reviews, Here’s What You Need to Know

Even before Suicide Squad was released this year, we could tell that Warner Bros. had huge plans for the villainous part of DC Extended Universe. Suicide Squad 2 was first announced in March, a few months before the movie is premiered and soon after, the studio announced it was developing a Harley Quinn movie and considering spin-offs for any or all of Task Force X.


First Suicide Squad movie

Remember when Suicide Squad was released in August? The film was deemed overrated but it was still a box office success as they earned up to USD$750 million worldwide. The ending is clever as the movie left it open ended, which we now know the reason why.

However, many had complained and reviewed that the movie characters were not similar to the ones in the comics which has resulted in a lot of disappointed fans.

Also, several Joker scenes were edited out which confuses audiences with the plot. Though the call of shots was good and outstanding, we couldn’t deny that we were extremely hyped up by their trailer only to be disappointed with the main show.


While Suicide Squad 2 hasn’t started their production yet, we are sure looking forward to a compensation of the first movie, and that includes outlandish humour with villainous action and more soundtracks which can take us away.

Why? Because at least we can anticipate Margot Robbie and Will Smith again as they bring our favourite DC characters to live.

So, are you hyped for the sequel which will tentatively release in 2019? Who do you anticipate in the sequel? Harley Quinn? Deadshot? Well, as of now, all we can do is wait for the movie production to drop hints. Hopefully, with a better storyline.


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