Healing the Divide Group Made Police Report of MOH Making Police Report Against Them

By now, most of us would know that with effect from 14 Feb, we have up to nine months after our second jab to get a booster jab.

This is so that we can more effectively combat Omicron.

And possibly other future new variants that may emerge.

But while many front-liners working in vaccination centres are striving to operate smoothly, a certain group of individuals is seemingly making things hard for them.

MOH made a police report against Healing the Divide

Healing the Divide is an anti-vaccine group founded by Ms. Iris Koh. She was the person who spearheaded this campaign of encouraging parents to probe multiple questions to doctors.

Or so it seems.

Essentially, parents of young children could access a list of questions compiled in a Google Form shared with them. They would then be able to log down the doctors’ responses before submitting them to Koh.

And how many members do you think are in the group?

At the time of writing, close to three thousand members are involved in this group.

Just imagine the amount of influence and power these people could have.

Last Wednesday (5 January), the Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that they are aware of the incident, and a police report has been made against them.


Image: Know Your Meme

Healing the Divide Has Also Made a Police Report

A blog post was published by Ms. Iris Koh on 5 January 2022 titled, “Is it a crime to ask questions?”

According to Koh, she does not seem to think that she has disrupted operations at the COVID-19 paediatric vaccination centres, and hence, she has “filed a police report against MOH’s false police report.”

She has even included the message that she has posted on the telegram group and called upon readers to be the judge of it.

IMAGE: Healing the Divide

Additionally, Koh also feels that the MOH is not answering the queries and concerns that parents have.

MOH hosted a seminar recently on 18 December last year. According to Koh, numerous parents have reported to her that their questions regarding the vaccine weren’t answered.

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Allegedly defamed by MOH

Ms Koh also then claimed that the MOH defamed her months ago.

In a paragraph, she mentioned “I already said that I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m an intelligent vexer. Intelligent people ask questions. Smart Parents ask questions. Smart Parents do their research, they compare data, they ask some important questions. I would be interested to see if our Police Force will view the asking of questions as ILLEGAL.”

Lots of pent up emotions.

Suffice to say, this isn’t going to end soon.

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Featured Image: Telegram (Healing The Divide Channel)