A Survey Shows That More Than Half of All S’poreans Believe MRT Won’t Improve in the Next 12 Months


I believe many of us have mixed feelings about the shutdown of MRT stations announced a couple of days back.

I mean, it is an attempt on their part to fix the ongoing issues with the current system, which is nice. However, some of us may be inconvenienced by the earlier closing hours too.

At times like this, it’s always nice for us to take a look at how Singaporeans feel about our beloved train system.

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A survey done by a market research company has shown that most respondents do no think that the MRT system is well managed.

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I think it’s safe for us to say that the recent incidents were like nails in a coffin.

The recent incidents have definitely caused a dip in public confidence. Truth be told, I’m trying my best to avoid taking the MRT right now.

Firstly, I could and do prefer taking buses. Secondly, maybe with less people taking the trains, breakdowns won’t happen that frequently (Bro science)?

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55% of respondents have rated the performance of the MRT poorly. This survey was conducted between 10 Nov and 16 Nov.

The Joo Koon collision happened on 15 Nov.

Hmm, this might explain the generally unfavorable responses. Although, I’m sure the Joo Koon collision wasn’t the only reason.

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59% of the respondents do not feel that things will improve in the next 12 months.

From the graphs, we can also see that the public isn’t confident that our MRT system will become a world class rail system within the next 10 years.

You know what they say. You gotta see it to believe it. Until the passengers can see the changes for themselves, I don’t think the survey is going to show any positive results.

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(Wait, what)

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69% of the respondents also felt that a public inquiry is necessary after the Bishan flooding.

Personally, I think I can understand why the respondents would say yes to a public inquiry. People generally don’t like being kept in the dark and would prefer to have a say in things, right?

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51% of the respondents felt that the CEO should resign, with 29% claiming that they “don’t know”. The remaining 20% felt that the CEO should not resign.

I think I identify with the 29%. You know, there’s no guarantee that a new CEO will be able to resolve the issues either. At least they’re doing what they can to fix the problems now, right?

As things are now, let’s just wait and see how it goes (Hopefully not while stuck on-board a train).

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