SUTD Builds Virtual Open House With Minecraft & It Looks Real

If you were in school during the SARS epidemic, you probably can’t call yourself a “youngster” anymore.

I remember being sent home for two weeks because the outbreak was getting serious. And if I tell you how mind-blown I was that I was getting homework online for the first time in my life, you’d probably laugh, but it was a completely novel thing back then.

Technology has certainly advanced since 2003; it’s now 2020, and you can visit a university without even leaving your room.

SUTD Builds Virtual Open House with Minecraft & It Looks Real

As you probably know, the Covid-19 outbreak has spread to many countries all over the world including Singapore.

Just yesterday, three new cases were confirmed here, bringing the total to 89.

And due to the outbreak, many large-scale events had to be cancelled as a precaution, like university open houses.

But when the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) cancelled their open house, their students did something quite incredible; they built a virtual campus on Minecraft so students could experience a virtual open house.

Image: Imgur

For those who’ve not played the game, Minecraft is a sandbox video game where users can build and explore landscapes.

Image: Business Insider

And of course, everything looks blocky because that’s the whole idea of Minecraft: you’d feel like you’ve living in Legoland.

After the cancellation of the Open House was announced, a group of SUTD students worked for two weeks to build the campus virtually on the gaming platform.

The results are impressive, to say the least.

Image: Imgur

It actually took me a second to discern which was which in this next image.

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Image: Imgur
Image: Imgur

Netizen response

Netizens, understandably, were impressed with the creation.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

If you want a better look, why not explore the campus for yourself?

Not many students can say they visited their university in Minecraft before enrolling. SUTD has certainly won many over with this move.