Man Who Swung Sword Had Once Been Jailed for Violent Offences Against Public Servants


If you were anywhere on the Internet yesterday, you would have seen news of a man swinging a sword at oncoming vehicles and even a pedestrian.

Well, turns out this isn’t the first time he has committed violent acts and he has even spent some time behind bars.

So what other acts has this guy been up to?

Violent Offences & Remanded in IMH

The man has made multiple offences in the past, including violence offences. He had also previously been remanded in the Institute of Mental Health and diagnosed with substance use disorder.

On 30 July 2020, he was last released from prison after having served a sentence of nine months and two weeks.

He had been charged for multiple offences, including violence offences and offences against public servants.

On Wednesday, he will be adding another list of charges to his history of offences, where he will be charged for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means.

Sword Saga

On Monday (14 March), the man stood in the middle of the road and brandished a sword at cars that passed him in full anime character style.

The police received multiple calls at about 1.56pm about a man swinging a sword in the middle of Buangkok Crescent and stopping the oncoming traffic.

After leaving his home, he had a “brief altercation” with members of the public at the lift lobby of the HDB block where he lived.

He then jaywalked across the road and allegedly used the sword to hit five passing cars.

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At the traffic junction in front of Buangkok Square Mall, he allegedly swung his weapon at another man.

Thankfully, other members of the public came forward and helped to restrain the man before police officers arrived.

The police commended the members of the public who helped to restrain the suspect and added that they will be presented with public spiritedness awards.

As a result of the whole incident, a man suffered “two superficial slash wounds” on his left arm and was taken to the hospital conscious, while another man had abrasions on his left knee.

Had Consumed Unknown Pills Before Incident

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the man had allegedly consumed some unknown pills prior to leaving his home with the sword,” said the police in a news release.


The police later raided the 37-year-old suspect’s residence and two packets of yellow pills were seized.

For a repeated violence offence, the man could face heavier penalties. However, we can only speculate until the sentence is given on Wednesday.

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