Man Allegedly Found Live Maggots Inside Fried Chicken at Changi Eatery


Imagine biting into your favourite fried chicken… only to find maggots in it.

Here’s what happened.

4:30AM Nasi Lemak Cravings Turned Into Maggot Nightmare

Irvin Yio posted on Facebook about his experience eating at Changi Famous Food Centre.

Yio and his friends had their breakfast at about 4:30am, and ordered the Nasi Lemak Set 3 in the menu.

What they thought was a delicious meal of nasi lemak ended up a nightmare from start to finish. Firstly, they realised that the cucumber and the otah was super dry.

Next, when biting into the fried chicken, he realised that the chicken was hard and discoloured, and worst of all: there were maggots in the chicken. Live maggots.

(And BTW, how were the maggots still alive when the chicken was fried?)


He said that he and his friend puked immediately in front of the staff that was working. Oof. 

Night Shift Staff Was Sleeping?

Yio added that when the two of them approached the night shift staff, the staff was sleeping on his foldable chair.

Honestly, we get it. It’s hard to stay awake at 4:30am. But when resting, he would not have been able to look out for any insects or maggots that may have come into contact with the prepared food.

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To Yio’s knowledge, this is a “HACCP fail”, which refers to the Agriculture and Food Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification. This certification ensures that all food produced by the stall is safe for consumption.


Yio and his friend has already reported this incident to the Singapore Food Agency, and urged everyone to be wary of what they’re consuming.

You can read the full post here:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Irvin Yio)

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