Tada Driver Who Made Racist Remarks Suspended from Tada

If you have ever felt the urge to make racist remarks towards others, don’t.

Firstly, it’s not a very nice thing to do. Secondly, it may land you in jail.

Or worse, you could lose your job.

Tada Driver Who Made Racist Remarks Suspended from Tada

Just recently, a Tada driver made headlines for making racist remarks during a ride.

The argument got heated and racist remarks were made.

On 26 Sep 2023, Tada said that it has thoroughly investigated the incident and “took immediate action” against the driver.

The driver has been suspended from Tada’s platform.

The driver’s remarks, which insinuated racial differences, are in direct violation of Tada’s community guidelines and ethos.

Tada Driver Allegedly Agitated by Road Blockages

On 23 Sep 2023, Facebook user Jan Hoeden shared her experience with a Tada driver.

She was travelling to Pasir Ris Street 12 with her nine-year-old daughter in the afternoon.

The ride had started uneventfully.

However, due to road blockages from the ongoing MRT construction, the driver grew agitated and accused Hoeden of giving the wrong directions.

Abused Passenger and Her Daughter

Hoeden also included a 2.5-minute video with her post, which showed the interaction between her and the driver.

The driver had allegedly said, “You are Indian, you are stupid”, at which point she took out her mobile phone to start recording the interaction.

At one point in the argument, the driver told Hoeden not to be “hao lian”, which means boastful in Mandarin.

To which Hoeden replied in Mandarin: Wo bu shi hao lian (I am not being boastful).

That seemed to be the last straw as the driver seemingly shouted: “You are India, I’m Chinese…You are the very worst…”

Hoeden then calmly corrected him, stating that she is a Singapore Eurasian and not an Indian.

However, the driver insisted on his point of view: “I know you’re India. I’m Chinese. Don’t try to be funny with me!”

The man continued to rant loudly after Hoeden accused him once again of being racist.

In a second video, the Tada driver was seen stopping at a block of flats and exiting the vehicle.

Then, she told her daughter to start recording as she was afraid the driver would “get physical”.

The driver was seen pointing his phone at her, telling her to remove her items from the car boot.

He also pointed his phone at her daughter who hurriedly leaves the frame.

While recording, the Tada driver said repeatedly that Hoeden had given him the wrong information.


After the incident, Hoeden contacted Tada to report the matter.

She felt it was unacceptable and uncalled for to play the race card. Additionally, she had not given permission for her child to be recorded.

In a comment left on Wake Up Singapore’s Instagram post highlighting the situation, Tada said it is aware of the incident and is investigating it.

“At Tada, we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or abuse of any kind. Our team is investigating this issue. Thanks, everyone who brought this to our attention.”