Taiwan Giving S$210 Travel Incentives to 500,000 Tourists Who Visit for At Least 3 Days


Last Updated on 2023-05-05 , 10:37 pm

There are quite a number of nearby travel destinations that Singaporeans flock to every holiday, but only one is offering an attractive incentive to its travellers.

Nope, it’s not Bangkok, in case you were hoping to do some cheap shopping. And it’s not Bali if you were dreaming of having a beach getaway after hustling away at work.

It’s Taiwan, the land of delicious food, bustling city life and picturesque nature sights.

So keep an eye out to grab one of these cash incentives given out by the Taiwanese government because it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Who Is Eligible for This?

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore announced on Facebook on Monday (24 April) that there will be 500,000 ‘Taiwan The Lucky Land (遊台灣金福氣)’ travel incentives worth NT$5,000 (~SG$218) up for grabs.

The lucky draw to obtain these incentives begins on 1 May.

But it’s not restricted to Singaporean travellers, so you must have your competitive game on. The draw will open to any independent foreign travellers holding a foreign passport.

Travellers must stay in Taiwan between three to 90 days to be eligible for this and cannot be a part of any tour groups. They must also not apply for any tour group-related travel incentives.

How to Participate?

If you are keen to participate, you must register your participation on the campaign website one to seven days before your scheduled flight arrival in Taiwan.

A Lucky Draw QR code will be sent to your e-mail, and you must head down to the event area at the airport’s arrival hall, where you will complete the draw using the code.


If you strike lucky, you can proceed to the prize redemption area to retrieve your travel incentive.

The lucky draw and prize redemption must be completed within the day of arrival in Taiwan.

The travel incentives could be a prepaid E-ticket (EasyCard or iPass) card or five accommodation vouchers worth NT$1,000 each. These vouchers can be used at any hotel or Airbnb listed on the campaign website.

Website registration will begin on 28 April at noon, while the lucky draw starts on 1 May at noon.

Singaporeans’ Reactions

While such incentives are usually eye-catching, as we Singaporeans thirst to travel, it doesn’t seem as if the people in the comments were pleased about this.

Image: Facebook

Of course, there are the regular kiasu comments, where people frantically ask whether they can make it in time for the draw if their flight arrives at this time or that time.

Image: Facebook

But some have noted that the incentive didn’t offer much due to its conditions and relatively small value.

Image: Facebook

Others noted the instructions were too confusing.

The website link for registration has yet to be released, so more details are soon to come.


We’re guessing this is just another thing for us to complain about but to each their own.

Taiwan’s Travel Recovery From COVID-19

Taiwan reopened its borders in October last year, being one of the countries to welcome tourists only later after tourism started recovering in 2022.

It had recently rolled out initiatives to ensure that domestic tourism is still sustained post-pandemic.

In January, the Tourism Bureau re-introduced a programme to provide charter-flight subsidies to travel agencies bringing international tourists to Hualien and Taitung counties in northern Taiwan.

Flights from Japan are entitled to a NT$385,000 subsidy, while those from South Korea and Southeast Asia are entitled to a NT$335,000 subsidy.

Flights with over 50 per cent of its seats filled qualify for additional subsidies.


A “Golden Years” programme was introduced in August 2022 to cater to over-55 travellers, presenting eight itineraries based on themes like environment and culture.

These itineraries include whale and dolphin watching in Hualien and riding the Alishan Forestry Railway’s heritage trains in Chiayi.

After lifting its border controls, the tea-themed CHO Stay Capsule Hotel at Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 has also been reopened.