The Taiwan #MeToo Movement, Started From Mickey Huang’s Saga, Gets Bigger As NONO is Also Being Accused

Last Updated on 2023-06-22 , 8:57 am

The Taiwan #MeToo movement took off recently, implicating several big names in the entertainment industry, including Mickey Huang, Jeffrey Hsu and Chris Wang.

Now, NONO and several celebrities surnamed “Hsu” have also found themselves embroiled in sexual assault allegations.

What You Need to Know About the Taiwan #MeToo Movement Which Started From Mickey Huang

Jocelyn Chia, move aside. There’s a new celebrity saga in town.

The Taiwan #MeToo movement took off this week after sexual assault allegations against Taiwanese comedian Mickey Huang surfaced.

Essentially, a Facebook user named Zofia shared a post recounting how she was sexually assaulted by a Taiwanese celebrity when she was 17 years old.

While she didn’t explicitly name the celebrity, the hints she dropped were sufficient for netizens to conclude that the star in question was Mickey Huang.

Detective Conan, who?

And these netizens were right. Mickey Huang has since admitted to the harassment claims made by Zofia.

Image: Facebook (Mickey Huang)

Zofia’s post triggered a wave of more sexual assault allegations against Huang, pushing Huang to the edge—he went missing and was later found to have allegedly mutilated himself.

You can read more about the allegations against Mickey Huang here.

Taiwanese TV Personality NONO Accused of Sexual Harassment

Thanks to Zofia speaking out against Mickey Huang, many others have since found the courage to speak about their experiences of being sexually assaulted.

The most recent celebrity facing these accusations is the Taiwanese TV personality NONO, whose real name is Chen Hsuan-yu.

Here’s the scoop.

On Monday (19 June), the former model Amber Chang posted on Facebook claiming that during her time as a regular guest on a variety show, she was sexually assaulted by an unnamed celebrity who netizens have since speculated is the 52-year-old comedian NONO.

She recounted the experience: The unnamed celebrity asked for her mobile number and offered to drive her home. She agreed.

However, during the ride home, the celebrity suddenly started making unwanted advances, including hugging her, pulling her into the backseat and kissing her.

He even attempted to reach under her skirt and remove her undergarments.

After she begged him to stop, he stopped. However, this was not without caressing her thigh one more time and making light of what had just happened.

The celebrity didn’t apologise and instead made insensitive remarks about how Chang will “get used to it” next time.

Well, if it really is NONO, then he should “get used” to prison soon because there’s no way he’s getting away with such an allegation.

For someone with “No” in his name, he should probably learn how to take “No” for an answer.

Image: Facebook (NONO)

Netizens figured out the celebrity’s identity thanks to the implicit hints that Amber Chang dropped.

For one, the former model shared that the celebrity in question was a famous comedian married to a singer. She also disclosed that he ran a chicken cutlet business.

There aren’t that many well-known comedians who run chicken cutlet businesses in Taiwan. In fact, there’s probably only one—NONO.

NONO is married to the singer Angel Chu and co-founded the Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet chain Monga, albeit having withdrawn from Monga less than three years ago.

NONO Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when accused of unbefitting behaviour, deny it.

NONO denied all allegations made against him.

If you’re feeling a little down today, we have just the joke for you—NONO’s logic behind why Chang’s allegations can’t be factual.

The comedian reasoned that he had no recollection of Amber Chang, let alone memories of such an incident. Going by NONO’s logic, this means that there’s no way Chang’s allegations are true.

Perhaps that’s what students should start telling their professors when they do poorly on their exams.

“I have no recollection of ever learning about the Vietnam War, which means everything you tested in the paper about the Vietnam War isn’t real.”


Regardless, Chang stuck by her version of the story and added under her Facebook post: “Everything I said is true and I am willing to accept legal consequences if there are false accusations. I will welcome the person to sue me.”

We’re glad the “sue until your pants drop” culture is everywhere.

Taiwanese TV Host Kevin Hsu Nai-lin & Sports Commentator Hsu Chan-Yuan Implicated Amid Wave of Allegations Against Mickey Huang & NONO

Of course, NONO isn’t the only celebrity that new accusations have been raised against.

A mysterious celebrity surnamed “Hsu” has also been accused of sexual harassment, and netizens have been putting on their thinking caps to figure out exactly which “Hsu” in Taiwan fits the description.

A female netizen took to Facebook to share how a well-known TV host surnamed Hsu had made unwanted advances while they were on a shoot at Taiwan’s Green Island. She did not name the celebrity explicitly.

Discovering a red flag on Green Island. How strange.

The netizen shared that the unnamed celebrity caressed her thigh, placed his hand on her shoulder and played with the straps of her swimsuit.

She also hinted that the celebrity was a husband to a general’s daughter.

Netizens knew this meant that it was time to investigate. And investigate, they did.

Many netizens speculated that Kevin Hsu Nai-lin could be the “celebrity” in question.

Image: Wikipedia

However, he has denied the allegations and shared that he has only been to Green Island once to film the 1986 movie “Funny Family” with Taiwanese singer Matilda Tao.

The 63-year-old claimed that nothing of the sort happened while filming the movie and that the filming process went smoothly.

If it’s not Kevin Hsu, who else could this mysterious celebrity be?

Other netizens have suggested it could be 51-year-old sports commentator Hsu Chan-yuan as his father-in-law is a general.

Image: Wikipedia

And, of course, the 51-year-old denied the allegations on Facebook. He even urged either the female netizen to namedrop the celebrity in question or for the celebrity in question to come forward and admit to his wrongdoings.

Well, at least Hsu Chan-yuan is straightforward about it.