McDonald’s Quietly Releases Breakfast Bagel With Mushroom & Chicken Ham from 3 Nov


Good news if you frequently buy breakfast from McDonald’s, because there is now a new addition to the menu.

If you are a basic hotcake or a McMuffin person, it is time to up your game and try their Breakfast Bagel with McDonald’s Mushroom & Chicken Ham.

This is the first time McDonald’s has launched a bagel, and for some reason, it’s released quietly because no media release was sent.

What is the Difference Between a Bagel and Bread?

In case you live under a rock and have never tried a bagel, this explanation is for you.

Essentially, the main difference between a bagel and bread is that bagels are boiled instead of baked and have a chewier texture than bread.


A bagel also looks like a doughnut because of the hole in the middle.

Limited Time Only; Prices from S$4.80

McDonald’s Breakfast Bagel comes with succulent mushrooms, a delicious egg and a sizzling chicken roll. Everything is encompassed by springy wholemeal bagel buns.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore /

You can get yours from McDonald’s stores islandwide at S$4.80 for a la carte orders and S$6.20 for an extra value meal.

Be sure to be quick as this item is available for a limited time only, till 7 December 2022.

Other New items From McDonald’s 

McDonald’s has also launched other new items including their spicy McNuggets, Hershey’s Chocolate frappe and Honey Soy Chicken McCrispy on 3 November 2022.

The spicy McNuggets is an all-time favourite for spicy food lovers, to challenge their limits and indulge in this savoury delight.

Image: McDonald’s

A nine-piece spicy McNuggets costs S$7 a la carte and from S$8.80 for an Extra Value Meal.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Frappe should be no stranger to you if you are a fan of chocolates.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

The Hershey’s Chocolate Frappe is an ice-cold chocolate drink that you satisfy your sweet cravings. Get yours at S$4.75 for a small cup and S$5.15 for a medium cup.

Lastly, if you are someone who cannot stand eating spicy food, including the Original McCrispy, there is no excuse not to try this out.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore /

A two-piece Honey Soy McCrispy costs S$6.60 a la carte and from S$8.60 for an Extra Value Meal.


Don’t walk, run to McDonald’s now. 

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