Taking A Picture With Just 3 People is Cursed: Would the Third Person Die?


Last Updated on 2023-06-30 , 6:53 pm

Curious Superstition Surrounding a 3 Person Picture

Have you ever found yourself in a snapshot featuring just three people? This common circumstance often transpires, yet it’s embedded in a peculiar superstition that has haunted many, especially in Asian cultures. The “3 person photo superstition” states that in Vietnam, it is considered bad luck to have three people in a photo, a belief ingrained in a rich cultural tapestry of tradition, religion, and folklore.

When A Simple 3 People Photo Turns into an Adventure

Imagine this: you’re posing for a memory with your two best friends, ready for the quintessential 3 person picture. Your smiles are broad, the lighting is perfect, and you’re about to capture the moment forever. Suddenly, a well-meaning stranger appears from nowhere. “Wait!” they exclaim, “Three people in a photo is a bad omen. I must join in to protect you from the curse.”

Your otherwise impeccable picture of three people has been hijacked by an unexpected fourth member. The memory is intact, but it has been altered, the original moment is lost. So why does this superstition exist, and why does it cause such interference?

The 3 People Photo: A Cursed Keepsake or Harmless Superstition?

The superstition alleges that the individual occupying the center of a 3 person picture will meet an untimely end. However, historians and cultural anthropologists offer some fascinating insights about this belief. While it is indeed an integral part of Asian heritage, with countries such as Japan and Vietnam holding it dear, it is generally regarded as folklore rather than fact.

The superstition hasn’t lost its chilling effect though. The thought of a 3 person photo causing harm often makes one think twice about clicking the camera shutter. After all, no one wants to tempt fate, even when the threat seems far-fetched, right?

An LA Times writer once delved into this odd belief, indicating that in Vietnam, it is steeped in paganism, local customs, and ancestor veneration, with influences from Confucian ideology and Buddhism. The superstition has also found its way into popular culture, featuring in anime such as Urusei Yatsura where, interestingly, a goat, rather than a person, falls victim to the curse.

And it doesn’t stop there; even some African tribes believe that cameras can snatch away your soul.

The Evolution of 3 People Photo Tradition in the Smartphone Era

In an era where smartphones have replaced traditional cameras, has the 3 person photo superstition lost its bite? It appears that younger generations are increasingly dismissive of the superstition. The thought of their smartphone-captured selfie causing harm seems absurd to many.

However, if you belong to the group still holding onto the belief, there are ways to navigate around it. The easiest solution? Turn your picture of 3 people into a picture of 4. Simply rope in an additional person and voila, you’ve outsmarted the superstition. If no one’s available, strategically stage a photobomb to add an extra face into the frame.

Remember, safety first – especially when it comes to superstitions! Even if they’re relics from a time when cameras ruled and smartphones were the stuff of sci-fi.

As the age-old saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry! However, the “curse” is traditionally linked to a camera, not a smartphone, so does the rule still apply? That’s a question best left for another story – a compelling exploration of superstition in the modern world.